Israel Government Fellows

Program Description

Israel Government Fellows is a Menachem Begin Heritage Center initiative in affiliation with Masa Israel. The program is endorsed by the Office of the Prime Minister and offers outstanding and highly motivated young Jewish leaders an experience at the heart of the Israeli government. Alongside internships in government offices or policy and diplomacy organizations, the program provides educational seminars, Hebrew language instruction and tours around the country. It is the only existing program of its kind for non-Israelis and is available for young Jews aged 22-30 with at least a first degree. The program’s duration is ten months and is based in Jerusalem. As well as working closely with government officials, prominent thinkers or social activists, participants will attend weekly seminars and travel throughout the country. They will meet with Israeli officials, policy makers, journalists, and a wide range of public figures; as well as exploring their own connection to Israel, Zionism and the Jewish people. The program provides Fellows with invaluable work experience and leadership development.

It is a unique opportunity for aspiring Jewish leaders to develop their talents while contributing to Israeli politics and society, learning about Israeli history and culture, and strengthening their connection with the Jewish state.


The cost of the program is $11,000 but every participant is eligible for an automatic grant from the Begin Center of $2,000.
Fellows will have the opportunity to arrange their own accommodation in Jerusalem – or in Tel Aviv for the few cases of Fellows interning there.
Alternatively, we can reserve a room for them at the Student Village of the Hebrew University in the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem. They can either:
Stay there for just two months (Sep-Oct), while they look for an apartment here. 
Remain at the Student Village for the full ten months of the program. 
The estimated cost of renting a room at the Student Village will be 2,400 NIS a month (approx. $600).


For more information, contact:

(p): 972 2-565-2027
(f): 972 2-565-2010



Gvahim Young Leaders

Program Description

The Gvahim Young Professionals program offers its participants the opportunity to live a rewarding experience in the "Start-Up Nation." This program offers the participants a high-quality internship, an ulpan, professional mentoring, meetings with professional leaders, visits of leading universities, companies and incubators.
After being accepted though a written application process and a phone interview, you will be placed in a company in your sector for a 5-month internship.

Real Life Israel - Intern Jerusalem / Tel Aviv

Program Description

Top Israel Interns offers a five month immersion and interning program in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The program includes Hebrew learning, country-wide tours and local activities in addition to your choice in top level internships. The program is designed to give you an authentic experience of life in Israel. 
Tel Aviv, Israel’s second largest city, is known as the “City that never sleeps”. The beach-side urban center is cosmopolitan, modern and vibrant. 
Tel Avis was the first modern city to be built in Israel and is very much the country’s economic and cultural center. The city hosts a rich night life, and residents and tourists alike attend nightclubs, bars and open-air cafes until the early hours of the morning. 
The metropolis is home to a world-class art and architecture scene, and a diverse range of entertainment venues and festivals. 
Interning in Tel Aviv will give you the opportunity to be part of Israel’s melting-pot of innovation, while enjoy¬ing the hustle and bustle of living in the most liberal city in the Middle East!
Experience what it’s like to work in the heart of Israel’s capital city, and live in one of Jerusalem’s most historic and charming neighborhoods. Only minutes away from the Old City and famous Machane Yehuda marketplace, you will live in a trendy community of students, and artists, and experience the buzzing nightlife and authentic Israeli atmosphere. 
Interning in Jerusalem will offer you varied opportunities to grow and explore both socially and professionally. While living in the hub of Israel’s political and commercial scene you will have access to an endless array of specialized internship placements, and the chance to delve into Israel’s magnificent history, explore it’s hidden treasures, and completely immerse yourself in
Internships are set up in the top companies as relevant to your chosen field. Whether you choose to tackle the fields that have labeled Israel a world leader such as technology, medicine or archeology or you would prefer to work with top executives in other fields we will insure that each individual is placed accordingly. Past interns have enjoyed the opportunity to work with leading businesses, companies & organizations such as The Israel Museum, The Hebrew University, Hadassah Hospital, The Jerusalem Post and The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.
Top Israel Interns is not limited in its choice of businesses and participants will find their placement to be the most beneficial for their chosen profession. Join Real Life Israel NOW and give yourself the opportunity to gain marketable experience and valuable insight into Israel while contributing to a field that you are passionate about.
For more information, contact:
Gavriella Bigio or Joanna Pilowsky
1-855-627-2754 or 1855 MASA RLI