Shearim Internship

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Status 1

Program Description

Status is a five month professional internship program for Russian speakers, similar to the popular Career Israel program for English speakers. Status offers a wide range of internship placements ranging from finance to nonprofit and more.
One of the things that makes this program special is not just thatyou will work at a great company of your choice but also that you are provided with living accommodations in the city of your choice; Haifa, Tel Aviv or Jerusalem which enables you to get the full experience of living and working in Israel. Some internship areas include: Business, Communications/Media, Computer Science, Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship, Science, Finance, Social Action, Social Sciences, Education, Engineering and more!




Program Description

jInternship connects Jewish college students, recent graduates and young professionals with internships hosted by top Israeli companies and Jewish learning programs. jInternship has partnerships with hundreds of companies in Israel, so you're sure to land an exciting international internship in your field. The program runs in cooperation with premier peer-based Jewish trips to Israel, meaning you'll have a blast while learning tons about Israel and Judaism.  
jInternship offers numerous sessions so you're sure to find one that fits your schedule. And the heavily subsidized prices and additional scholarships opportunities mean it will fit your budget.

For more information, contact:

Jeff Suowitz, USA Jitnernship Coordinator
(p) 248 914 1138



Program Description

WUJS Israel is a customized five-month, post-college internship and arts program located in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. You’ll live with peers aged 21-35 from all over the world who, with many different backgrounds, all share a keen interest in experiencing Israel to its fullest and gaining valuable career experience. 
Intern in almost any area of industry and commerce, in the public or private sectors, art and culture, hi-tech, politics, medicine and more.
Our team will work with you to customize your placement based on your professional needs. You’ll even have a chance to connect with your internship site via Skype and learn about the company culture before you arrive in Israel! On the arts track, you’ll also get to work on an individual art project in your area of talent. 
When you’re not working, you’ll find rich opportunities to engage with Judaism in an open environment and learn about Israel’s unique culture and diverse peoples through weekly classes, excursions and cultural opportunities.
Internship Track
• A pre-arranged professional internship in every possible field before arrival in Israel.
• Participants on the internship track will work 4 days a week in the field of their choice.
• 30% of our participants receive job offers from their internship in Israel or from overseas branches.
• 90% of our participants claim that their participation on the program significantly helped them find a job.
Art Track
• Possibility to combine an internship in the arts with an independent art project.
• Participants on the art track will work independently twice a week on their art project which will be presented at the end of the program on the final artist's exhibition.
• On the other two days of the week they will work in an internship in the field of their art.
• Weekly art classes covering all fields of Israeli art – movies, dance, theatre, music and more.


You’ll intern at a world-class Israeli company and acquire international experience or pursue your artistic passion amidst a thriving art community. You will develop business contacts from around the world and gain access to a professional network of more than 8,000 WUJS alumni.

In addition to the professional aspects, you’ll also learn to speak Hebrew in a five-month Ulpan, explore the country and experience its history and tradition as well as its hip international and modern culture.

You will have the opportunity to meet Israelis who will accompany to your weekly field trips and take part in your educational programs.

You'll live in an apartment - not a dorm. Modern, spacious, and comfortable, they're located in the trendy Tel Aviv neighborhood of Florentine or the charming Jerusalem neighborhood of Baka

Enjoy the staff support during and after the program with regards to finding an apartment in Israel if you wish to stay, looking for a job, start your Aliya process and more. 


IDC - BA in Communications

Program Description

Want to learn about new media and the influence it has on information, communication, consumers and journalism? IDC Herzliya’s BA in Communications focuses on issues related to new media while providing up-to-date theoretical knowledge through practical workshops and seminars guided by Israel’s leading communications professionals.
You may choose from among three specializations: Interactive Communications, Persuasive Communications, and Television Studies. You will also learn to do radio broadcasts in IDC's radio studio.  In your final year of studies, you will take part in a year-long project.

*Please note that receiving a Masa scholarship does not imply automatic acceptance to IDC.  The IDC application is a separate process and acceptance is dependent on meeting academic criteria.  


For more information, contact:

North America
Lenore Taplitzky
Director of Recruitment & Marketing
(212) 213-5962
Israel & Abroad
Stephanie Miller
Admissions & Recruitment
+972 9 960 2841



Tel Aviv University International MA Program in Political Science & Political Communication

Program Description

The International MA in Political Science and Political Communication program provides students with advanced knowledge, understanding and tools of analysis in a world characterized by growing fusion between politics and communication. The program is tailored for students interested in advancing their knowledge and understanding of the practical dimensions of politics, especially the challenges that arise from the interconnectedness between politics and communications.
Students join a variety of academic trips guided by top specialists provides meetings with political leaders and prominent journalists while visiting Israel's governmental, parliamentary and media institutions among other sites of interest. Discussions are an integral part of the program's curriculum, taking students to new directions and emphasizing the complexity of politics in the age of global communication. 
Students are encouraged to take up extra-curricular activities and supplement their academic work with internships at organizations ranging from preeminent political and research institutes to communication teams and diplomatic missions. The program prepares students for employment in various roles, such as: Political Analysts, Campaign Managers, Lobbyists, Parliamentary Assistants, Communication Consultants, Journalists, Diplomats, Academics and more.

For more information, contact:

Meytal Ganigar

(p): 972 3-6405876

(f): 972 3-6409515



WUJS Israel-Arts Tel Aviv

Program Description

Tel Aviv is Israel’s cultural capital, so it’s no wonder that WUJS Tel Aviv offers opportunities for artists! Many artists ask themselves how can they combine their artistic passion and talent with a professional career. This is where WUJS Arts Tel Aviv can help. It's the only program combining professional internship, time, space and guidance allowing participants to work on their art. This is a great opportunity to enhance your resume and your portfolio at the same time. 
Artists on WUJS Arts Tel Aviv will intern for 2 days a week in one of the numerous artistic institutions in Tel Aviv, be it an art gallery, a dance group, a museum, an art school or any other internship placement that can contribute to their understanding of the professional opportunities in their artistic field.  Through the internship, the participants are able to experience professional businesses and institutions that operate within or close to their artistic field.  The combination of an internship, an art class and a supportive WUJS staff will provide each artist with a platform to develop their art. Through their internships participants will be able to create connections within their artistic field, meet with other artists, and be part of Tel Aviv's art community. 
WUJS Arts Tel Aviv is directed at artists interested in the creative and inspirational artistic components as well as the business and educational components of the art world.   The internships will be tailor-made to guarantee career advancement and personal satisfaction.


Program Description

This program is operated in French.

Tel Aviv University International BA in Liberal Arts

Program Description

As Israel’s only English-language B.A. program in the Humanities, we build on Tel Aviv University’s long tradition of academic excellence, creating an intimate community of learners who benefit from all that the university has to offer.  
Our three-year degree encourages students to explore a wide variety of fields in the Humanities; at the same time, it ensures focus by allowing concentrated study in Psychology and Psychoanalysis, Middle Eastern Studies, Israel and Jewish Studies, Digital Culture and Communication, Philosophy, and Literature.

For more information, contact:

Ayelet Shaham
(t): 972 3-640-5046



WUJS Israel-Arts Jerusalem

Program Description

Drawing inspiration from the surroundings of the world's most special city, Jerusalem, participants on WUJS Arts Jerusalem are able to combine studies in Hebrew language and Israeli art with their own personal art medium, be it visual art, performing art, writing, music or any other media.
WUJS Arts Jerusalem is designed for artists who want personal art time and opportunities to explore their surroundings as well as the country as a whole. In Jerusalem, artists are surrounded by spirituality, history, and a plethora of interesting people from all over the world. 
Much of the week of participants on WUJS Arts Jerusalem will be devoted to their individual projects.  We feel it is important to give artists time to explore their environment, which includes traveling out of the city to gather inspiration from other parts of the country. One of the benefits of WUJS Arts Jerusalem is that each participant will have a personal mentor with whom s/he can meet twice a month. The aim of the meetings would be to find guidance and inspiration towards the final exhibition and for the art work in general.
WUJS Arts Jerusalem is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your portfolio.


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