Masa Israel Journey offers unique opportunities for you to volunteer in communities throughout Israel. Through our partnerships with grassroots and community-based organizations, you can affect change in some of Israel’s most vulnerable populations.
Masa Israel’s volunteer programs focus on building strong communities, ensuring the success of at-risk youth, encouraging collaboration and coexistence between local Arab and Jewish populations, teaching English as a foreign language and more.
All of Masa Israel’s volunteer programs draw on the Jewish tradition of tikkun olam (repairing the world) and are guided by the principals of social responsibility and social justice. As a Masa Israel volunteer, you can integrate service with the exploration of Jewish values as you work to create a more just society.
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Israel Teaching Fellows: A Year of Service for Israel

Israel Teaching Fellows: A Year of Service for Israel

Israel Teaching Fellows: A Year of Service for Israel

June 23, 2011

Masa Israel, an organization most widely known for its assistance for Jewish students spending a year in Israel, has initiated a groundbreaking program for the young Jewish community.
Israel Teaching Fellows, a program created in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Education, will allow 100 college graduates from the US or Canada to travel to Israel for a year and volunteer as English language teachers in the Israeli school system.
"This program is inspired by the thousands of young Jewish adults who travel to Israel looking to give back to Israeli society, says Aaron Goldberg, Director of Marketing and Communications for Masa Israel. "It represents an incredible personal and professional opportunity for these young adults, but also opportunities for Israeli students to learn English from native speakers and to build bridges between Jewish communities in North America and Israel."
According to Goldberg, this is the first large-scale program of its kind, specifically working within the Israeli educational system. Masa is taking its cue from other successful educator volunteer programs working in different countries across the globe, such as in Korea, France, and Chile.

Good things are growing in Gedera

<div class="masa-blog-title">Good things are growing in Gedera</div>

“The first time I tried to grow them for the greenhouse, the seedlings all died – I forgot to water them,” says Annie Shore, without sounding a bit guilty. Her second time around, she was more successful.

African Refugee Seder with Tikkun Olam in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

<div class="masa-blog-title">African Refugee Seder with Tikkun Olam in Tel Aviv-Jaffa</div>

Recently many of the current volunteers and alumni of Tikkun Olam in Tel Aviv-Jaffa shared their Jewich culture by participating in an early Passover seder with about 500 African migrants in South Tel Aviv.

Bnei Akiva - Lehava


Program Description

Lehava is an uplifting, inspiring, and empowering year in Israel with Bnei Akiva. You'll learn new skills, hone old ones, develop your Jewish identity and adapt to new environments - all while enjoying the group experience.
The programme includes time at our leadership institute, a Jewish studies segment, and volunteering on Kibbutz, as well as Magen David Adom and Marva army experience. Lehava is all about learning and giving. It's a year for yourself, but also a chance to contribute to society around you.

Israel Pathways - Israel Corps


Program Description

Volunteer alongside Israeli peers and make an impact in a community in Israel’s Galilee region. Choose between the Social Entrepreneurship Track in Kiryat Shmona or the Coexistence and Ecology Track on Kibbutz Harduf for Israel’s version of the Peace Corps! Live in the same town that you serve, gaining a real world connection to Israeli society and its people. Throughout the program, you will participate in entrepreneurship and coexistence training, professional-development workshops, Jewish service-learning courses, project mentorship, and volunteer placements. Along the way, participants will crisscross the country on a series of travel experiences that take you beyond the typical tour.
Israel Corps is specially subsidized in partnership with the Jewish Agency’s “Project TEN: Global Tikkun Olam” initiative, a service learning initiative supporting communities throughout the world and in Israel. As a part of Project TEN, eligible Israel Corps participants only pay $1,300, and the program covers meals, accommodations, activities, travel seminars and more.

For more information, contact:

Yael Silverman 
(p):013 219 7850



Bnei Akiva - Amlat


Program Description

Amlat is combines leadership, Jewish studies, Hebrew language, work on a Kibbutz, an Army/MDA experience and more. The program is meant for young Jewish boys and girls from South America who are looking for a Jewish traditional program. 
The program includes trips all over the country, meeting with Israelis and other young people from all over the world, volunteering, celebrating Shabbat and Holidays together, leadership seminar and more. Participants will be staying in a variety of locations including youth hostels, a kibbutz and a yeshiva and receive full board.

Bnei Akiva - Amichai Amlat


Program Description

Bnei Akiva Amichai Amlat is an experiential program which combines a leadership, Jewish studies, Hebrew language, work in a Kibbutz, and Army/MDA experience. The program is meant for young Jewish boys and girls who are looking for a Jewish traditional program.

Tzofim - Shnat Sherut Tzabar


Program Description

Want to spend a year working with teens and children in development towns, boarding schools, or community centers in Israel before enrolling in college? On Tzofim Shnat Sherut, you will lead an authentic Israeli life, speak Hebrew, serve the community, and live with Israelis your age.
As a participant, you will live as a group in communes with the rest of the Tzofim Shnat Sherut participants from Israel. Participants must be fluent in Hebrew, have prior experience working with children and youth, and have visited or lived in Israel for an extended period of time. Participants from North America interested in joining the program will need to attend pre-preparation seminars in the United States.

Bnei Akiva - MTA


Program Description

On MTA, you’ll have a year of learning Torah in some of the best institutions that Israel has to offer. During the times when you are not at Yeshiva or Midrasha, we’ll provide a full schedule of activities letting you really live and feel the pulse of the Land of Israel. Various volunteer options, together with seminars about current Jewish and Israeli issues, will complement the educational goals of MTA.

For more information, contact:

Michael Rainsbury