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Live it Like a Local: Rebecca Lee’s Lonely Planet Guide to Gedera, Israel">Live it Like a Local: Rebecca Lee’s Lonely Planet Guide to Gedera, Israel

Posted May 22nd, 2013
I’m not going to lie and say that I felt comfortable and at home in Gedera as soon as I arrived. My first few days were filled with worries about the new place and I began to wonder how I was going to spend nine and a half months here. As I explored this new and different little town, I began to discover places that made Gedera feel like my home.

Solidarity of Nations - Achvat Amim


Program Description

Achvat Amim, which means "solidarity of nations" in Hebrew, is a new 5 month volunteer experience in Jerusalem that directly engages with the reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, based on the core value of self-determination for all peoples. Achvat Amim is renewing the conversation on Jewish Peoplehood and Zionism for the 21st century. Together, we build a dynamic learning community in which we explore and shape Jewish culture and identity as individuals and as part of a greater whole, engage with the challenging realities in Israel and the West Bank, and build on the rich history and traditions of which we are a living part.


Achvat Amim is a framework for meaningful volunteer work with leading Israeli human rights organizations, including Rabbis for Human Rights, which do grassroots work with Israelis and Palestinians in and around Jerusalem. Achvat Amim focuses on developing practical skills in community development and education through intensive volunteer projects and engaging with social change and human rights movements. The program combines learning programs, outdoor experiences, seminars, and trips around the country with working on real projects with leading human rights organizations.


Join us in building a future rooted in the Jewish values of Tzedek (Justice), Shalom (Peace), and Achvat Amim (Solidarity of Nations).


Find out more: achvatamim.org



Ruchani Track 

A 5 month experience in Jerusalem for human rights and justice work informed by Torah learning, Jewish values, and practice. 


In addition to the core Achvat Amim program of volunteering and learning, this track provides an opportunity for halachically rooted Jewish living and spiritual practice, as well as rigorous and reflective Jewish learning, as a foundation upon which to engage with issues of the conflict, justice work and human rights. 


Find out more: achvatamim.org/ruchani



- Volunteer doing grassroots work with leading Israeli human rights organizations

- Live in Jerusalem, a city of diversity, conflict, and beauty

- Build Jewish community and shape a collective culture

- Develop leadership and community organizing skills by taking responsibility for Tikkun Olam on the ground Learn Hebrew and Arabic

- Make lifelong connections with Israelis, Palestinians and people from all over the world



To learn more about this program you can contact:

Daniel Roth, director

Phone: +972 52 832 8595
Email: daniel@achvatamim.org




  • Main Subject: Volunteer Programs
  • Keywords:
  • Coexistence, International Humanitarian Work, Israel/Middle Eastern Studies, Leadership, Social Action / Volunteering 
  • Duration:
  • 5 Months 
  • Age:
  • 20-30 
  • Language:
  • English 
  • Organizer:
  • Havatzelet- Hashomer Hatzair 
  • Program appears on grant application as:
  • Solidarity of Nations - Achvat Amim 
  • Accommodation:
  • Included 
  • Meals:
  • Included 
  • Program Contact Information:
  • Judith Wolffberg Dank - Office Manager 
  • (p):972 3 695 6575 
  • hanaga@tkz.co.il 
  • http://www.achvatamim.org/ 
  • Program Dates:
  • September 04,2017 - January 30,2018, JERUSALEM, $8500
  • February 06,2018 - July 02,2018, JERUSALEM, $8500

My Typical Day With Saving the Stones">My Typical Day With Saving the Stones

Posted March 19th, 2013
Officially, our days usually start around 8:30am, unless we have commitments further out of down which requires getting up earlier. However, wake-up is somewhere between 7 and 8 for us, when we hop (or stumble) out of bed, gather around the electric kettle, and assemble breakfast and lunch.
We have intensive Hebrew instruction, or Ulpan, twice a week at 8:30.

The British Israel Teaching Fellow">The British Israel Teaching Fellow

Posted February 6th, 2013
By Orrie Appell, Masa Israel Teaching Fellows - Ma'ase Olam
When applying to become part of the Israel Teaching Fellows programme, way back when, I initially had a very tough decision to make, but Ma’ase Olam made it very easy.
Of all the cities offering a place to house me over the next ten months to assist in teaching English and other volunteering projects, Ma’ase Olam took
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