4 Hidden Treasures of Tel Aviv - in Mini Israel

<div class="masa-blog-title">4 Hidden Treasures of Tel Aviv - in Mini Israel</div>

by Maria Olshanskaya, WUJS Israel intern
Even if you’ve been to Israel a dozen times, the seemingly kitschy exhibit at Mini Israel might reveal to you the hidden gems you’ve been missing on prior visits.

Masa Israel Journey Names New North American Director

Masa Israel Journey Names New North American Director

Masa Israel Journey Names New North American Director

July 2, 2014

David B. Miller, of Teaneck, New Jersey, was recently named Director of Masa Israel Journey North America. 

Miller comes to Masa Israel after working at Yeshiva University for six years, the past three of which he served as Chief Operations Officer in the Office of Admissions, during which time undergraduate admissions increased by 16%.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Miller studied business administration, political science, and theater at McGill and Concordia University, and spent a year in Israel learning at Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavne.

Miller has worked in management, marketing, and operations in both the nonprofit and for-profit world, and is charged with growing the number of North American young adults spending 5-12 months in Israel on long-term programs. He will work alongside Masa Israel’s recently-appointed CEO, Liran Avisar Ben-Horin, who previously served as the Chief of Staff of the Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Founded in 2004 as a joint project of the Government of Israel and The Jewish Agency for Israel, Masa Israel celebrated its 10-year anniversary this year and continues to bring more than 10,000 young adults from around the world on immersive, meaningful programs in Israel annually.

Miller lives in Teaneck, New Jersey with his wife Elissa, a pre-school teacher at Yeshivat Noam, and their three children.

Masa Israel Connections: Online Networking Event

Masa Israel Connections: Online Networking Event

July 9, 2014 - 11:00

  Online  - 

Connect with fellow alumni in your field or city at our online networking event on July 9!

At Masa Israel Journey, we know that getting started in a community can be tough. We want to help make that easier by providing you with the best resources around...one another! During the Masa Israel Connections Event you will:

  • Connect with Masa Israel alumni living in or returning to your area. 
  • Share your amazing experiences from Israel with someone who has done it before and truly gets it. 
  • Begin to Build your ideas for the future.

Alumni: Do you have experience to share with current participants about transitioning back or do you yourself want to get involved locally? Connect with current participants or meet with seasoned alumni.

Current Participants: Are you starting to think about returning home? You will make useful connections that will help you transition. 

Through the event you will have a chance to connect with alumni based on where they are currently. Connect with as many communities as you like to meet people and hear about opportunities. You never know what you might learn!

Click here to sign up!


IDC - MA in Finacial Economics


Program Description

MA in Financial Economics.
Arison School of Business & School of Economics.
One Year MA in Financial Economics taught in English.
The purpose of the one-year program is to provide in-depth training in both Economics and Finance in order to prepare students for jobs in the financial sector. The program provides quantitative tools and deep knowledge in economics, finance and risk management. It also trains students for diverse positions as senior economists and analysts in financial institutions and for financial management positions in business companies, investment houses, asset management companies, pension funds, public institutions, regulatory bodies and more.

North America

Lenore Taplitzky

Director of Recruitment & Marketing

(212) 213-5962


Israel & Abroad

Ayelet Weil

Admissions Coordinator - Masters Degrees



*Please note that receiving a Masa scholarship does not imply automatic acceptance to IDC.  The IDC application is a separate process and acceptance is dependent on meeting academic criteria.  




•World renowned lecturers from leading universities in Israel and across the world with rich academic and research experience.
•Optional study trip to London where students will have the opportunity to contact international financial companies and be exposed to their work methods.
• Option of research track with M.A. thesis, or a study track without a thesis.
• The program has an advisory committee comprised of senior personnel in financial-economic fields in the Israeli and global markets. The committee assists in the formation of the academic program and advises on how to adapt the curriculum to the ever-changing needs of the market, and how to best prepare the students for integration in the job market.
• Classes will consist of both veteran Israelis and international students.
• Studies will be held two days a week in the afternoons in six mini semesters of six weeks each, with two-week exam periods in between.

David Miller

David Miller

Director, North America

Hebrew University Spring in Jerusalem Honors Program


Program Description

This exciting joint initiative of Harvard University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is designed for outstanding students in their third and fourth years of study who are looking for a unique intellectual challenge. Participants study together with Israelis in advanced-level courses offered in English by various departments of the Hebrew University. Hebrew and Arabic language classes are available at different levels of expertise. Students experience Israel through field trips, social encounters with prominent Israelis, supervised internships, independent research projects and a variety of extracurricular activities. The program runs from mid-January to late June. 

Nativ Oranim Masa MA


Program Description

This program is conducted in Russian.


Bet El Yeshiva - Israeli Year

Program Description

This program is conducted in French.


JTS Rabbinal School Year in Israel - August 2014

Program Description

A new format for our rabbinical and cantorial students in Israel will use a trimester system to provide three discrete types of study:
1) Land and Language Immersion Lab in Merkaz Tzippori, Jerusalem Forest.
2) Beit Midrash learning in the Schocken Institute, our campus in central Jerusalem.
3) University study for our rabbinical students.
Cantorial students will choose between participating in our Kesher Hadash program for Israel education and joining the rabbinical students for Judaica classes at the Schechter Institute. All of our students will participate in a year long experiential program and be assigned to an internship with a Masorti congregation. The first stage will include an intensive Hebrew ulpan (with an optional JTS Jumpstart Israel summer component). Evening Hebrew language courses will continue into the second trimester; the third trimester will involve Hebrew as language of learning and instruction. In this way the students will be immersed in Hebrew culture and Israeli community for the entire year,and will also experience three discrete models of learning to ensure a rich and fulfilling experience in Israel.

Lior Argaman

Lior Argaman

Director, Gap & Service Programs