Sarit Braver

Sarit Braver

Masa Australia

Joel Macadar

Joel Macadar

Masa UK Marketing&Recruitment Co-ordinator

Tel Aviv University Study Abroad and Internship Program

Program Description

Are you looking to gain global professional experience while studying abroad? In the current competitive global environment, experiencing different cultures is an investment for your future. Tel Aviv University International invites you to immerse yourself in our excellent academic program while you intern in Tel Aviv all while experiencing the real Israeli lifestyle!
Students will work with TAU's International office to find the right internship in their field of choice with leading organizations and companies in various fields such as: Business, High-Tech, Communications, Arts, Non-Profit, Education, Environment, and many more.
Year Abroad students will participate in Fall semester studies and get acquainted with their internship during the semester. While on winter break, students will intern full time and continue their internship and academic studies when the spring semester starts.
Spring Semester and Internship program students will get acquainted with their positions while studying during the spring semester and will officially be full time interns for six weeks during the summer.
Fall Semester and Internship program students will begin the program with the summer internship and go on to participate as students in the Fall semester while continuing their work as interns.

Sara Eisen

Sara Eisen

Global Chief Communications Officer

Moran Biassira

Moran Biassira

External Relations and PR Manager

Arutz Sheva: Jewish Agency Delegation Visits Paris Jewish Community

Arutz Sheva: Jewish Agency Delegation Visits Paris Jewish Community

February 9, 2015

Last week, members of Jewish Agency For Israel Board of Governors travelled to Paris to show their solidarity with the local Jewish community and to assess the community's needs in the wake of last month's terror attacks. While in Paris, the group met with numerous French Jewish community leaders.

"Speaking to the group, community leaders praised The Jewish Agency's work in France and asked that it be expanded even further. 'Masa is the strongest way to keep our young people connected to Israel and being Jewish,' said Keren Hayesod France President Richard Prasquier, referring to Masa Israel Journey, a partnership between The Jewish Agency and the Government of Israel that brings thousands of Jewish young people from around the world to experience life in Israel each year."


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IDC - Co-Op Startup Experience

IDC - Co-Op Startup Experience


IDC - iASE - Intern & Study Entrepreneurship

Program Description

The Entrepreneurship Semester Abroad is a 4 months program that combines intensive entrepreneurship studies, startup work experience, and exposure to the Israeli innovation ecosystem.

Academic credits: gain 15 IDC academic credits.

The program is a great fit for students and young professionals who want to:

• Learn about Entrepreneurship.

• Work on a venture.

• Gain academic credits.

• Gain work experience.

• Have an adventure of a lifetime.



Venture creation studies – during the 4 months of the program, students develop entrepreneurial ventures in teams. Throughout the course students learn methods and thought processes supporting the project creation, including coming up with ideas, evaluating ideas, competitive research, customer discovery, presentation skills, and more. At the end of the program, students will have created a business plan, venture presentation, and more.

IDC courses – the IDC offers full bachelor degrees in English in Entrepreneurship, Communications, Psychology, Business Administration, Economics, Government and Computer Science. Almost all courses from these different schools are open to our Entrepreneurship Semester Abroad students.

For those wanting to get a 100% entrepreneurship experience, the Adelson School (ASE) provide students with the training, expertise, and resources needed to launch the next generation of successful ventures. The courses focus on experiential learning and combine academics with hands-on entrepreneurship.


Hebrew learning:

Our program includes a portion of Hebrew learning. Understanding the local language can significantly enhance your experience and help you immerse yourself in the local culture.



As part of the program, participants get to intern at Israeli startup companies for four months. Whether you’re interested in spicing up your resume with work abroad or want to gain insights in to the entrepreneurial environment, the experience is invaluable.

Our staff matches program participants and companies to best fit participants’ interests. Companies are selected from a database of hundreds of startups in Tel Aviv.


Field trips and company visits

To add the final touch of inspiration to the mix of academic learning, venture creation, and work experience, we take participants to visit successful companies and hear talks from industry leaders. Participants are exposed to different industries and innovation opportunities as well as mingle with influencers and meet fellow Israelis.


The Experience

In addition to our core curriculum that revolves around entrepreneurship, our program includes a variety of cultural and enrichment activities. As part of the IDC international community, we welcome you to participate in trips, holiday celebrations, and joint events with other groups on campus.

Be prepared to:

• Explore Tel Aviv’s nightlife

• Go on beautiful hikes and bike trips

• Celebrate local and international holidays

• Relax on the beach or at the park on free evenings and weekends

• And much much more…



From Air Traffic Control to Tel Aviv University


Masa prepa sciences de la sante, architecture & ingenierie Ariel universite

Program Description

A unique program for young French speakers who excel in their studies and have a "Bagrut" certificate in science.
The program provides academic preparation for prestigious degrees in university.
The degrees include:
Health Care studies- Pre-Medicine, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Communication Disorders, Nursing and Health Systems Manager ,Architecture and Engineering studies- Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Industrial Engineering and Management.
Participants of the program, who meet the program's requirements, can pursue academic studies in the following year without having to provide scores from the psychometric exam.
The program enables young Jews from France to become familiar with and to experience what it is like to live in Israel, in the company of a young, caring community. The program combines a pre-academic studies course ,for which the student receives academic credit, and a variety of social activities.
A professional staff member will accompany the participants of the program, both individually and as a group. Participants of the program will receive personal, social and academic support. The areas of study in the program include:
Hebrew, English, preparation courses depending on the selected track (physics, anatomy, biology, introduction to programming) and academic courses with course credits for "knowledge of the culture" and "heritage of Israel". 

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