One Fish, Two Fish, Gefilte Fish!

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Love it or hate it, nothing says Rosh Hashanah like gefilte fish.



WUJS Israel

Program Description

The No.1 graduate internship/arts program in Israel!
Duration: 5 months for your soul!
Age: 21 – 35
Location: Apartments in the heart of Tel Aviv Haifa and Jerusalem!
Options Include: high tech, medical research, journalism, TV, new media, marketing, human rights, politics, photography, film production, visual arts and more!

Interested in earning college credits?
Find out about the WUJS Academic Arts Track.
Looking for an affordable way to get to Israel?
Find out about the NEW HAIFA TRACK!


Tel Aviv – Live in a great Israeli apartment in the trendy neighborhood of Florentin, close to great restaurants, bars and of course the beach!

Jerusalem – 10 minutes from the Old City, 5 minutes from chic restaurants and boutiques!

Haifa – Live in great Israeli apartments in the beautiful area of the Carmel Mountains.Close to bars, shopping center and the beach!


Only for WUJS participants! Special scholarship available on top of your MASA scholarship!
Earn up to 9 college credits through American Jewish University on the WUJS Arts Track.
Become part of our alumni network of 8000+ worldwide!


The Jerusalem Post: How Samantha Met Ben

The Jerusalem Post: How Samantha Met Ben

The Jerusalem Post: How Samantha Met Ben

September 1, 2015

Photo credit: JF Photography/Jessica Frykman


By Leah Hakiman


“I’m from Jersey,” says Ben, “Samantha’s from Virginia, and we met in central Israel.” Both Ben Winik and Samantha Sisisky arrived in Israel in the fall of 2012 to begin ten-month Jewish service learning programs.



Ben had considered teaching English in France. Instead he opted for a teaching fellowship program with the Masa Israel Journey, [Masa Israel Teaching Fellows] and came to Rishon to work as a teacher’s aide in underserved and overcrowded classrooms. “It was an opportunity to teach and learn,” says Ben, “to give and get.”


Samantha came to Israel for another Masa Israel experience – the Yahel Social Change Progam, based in the town of Gedera. She worked in an Ethiopian-Israeli organization in grassroots social change, including teaching and tutoring in English.


Read Ben and Samantha's story in The Jerusalem Post


Hear participants talk about their daily life, take a virtual tour of your favorite program, and watch your semester of year in Israel unfold in front of you




Program Description

Graduate Programs to Inspire the Humanitarian In You

<div class="masa-blog-title">Graduate Programs to Inspire the Humanitarian In You</div>

In honor of World Humanitarian Day, we’re highlighting Masa Israel Journey’s top five graduate programs, taught in English, to inspire the humanitarian in you to make the world a better place.


1. MPH in Emergency and Disaster Management – Tel Aviv University


The Top 6 Reasons to Intern in Israel

<div class="masa-blog-title">The Top 6 Reasons to Intern in Israel</div>

Masa Israel Journey's internships in Israel offer you the perfect combination of resume-boosting career development, personal growth, and life experience abroad. Find out what our alumni say are the top reasons to intern in Israel:


1. Real Responsibility, Serious Skill-Building


The Times of Israel: Young Diaspora Jews ponder whether to put a ring on it with Israel

The Times of Israel: Young Diaspora Jews ponder whether to put a ring on it with Israel

The Times of Israel: Young Diaspora Jews ponder whether to put a ring on it with Israel

August 11, 2015

By Amanda Borschel-Dan


In a commitment-shy generation, the 10-month Masa Israel programs are an unexpected launch pad for aliyah

"With increased globalization and a recovering recession economy, for many North American college grads looking for an employment edge or unusual resume item, one of Masa's 200 programs easily fits the bill."


Read the full story on The Times of Israel's website.


Tlalim Hotel Administration

Program Description

Education program for mid-level specialists of hotel management in Tlalim Company allows you to gain knowledge and practice in hotel industry. The job in the field of Hospitality Management is fantastic opportunity to travel a good deal, to meet many interesting people.
Hotel Management is one of the most fast-growth business activity in hospitality and travel industry. Fast progressing area call for using best endeavors of specialists in increasing numbers. For this very reason currently our graduates are in great demand on the labor market.


Tlalim - Web Development

Program Description

The program is oriented to specialist education of web development of web-applications provided working of modern dynamical Web sites and to education of web-programming features: html, css, javascript.
The course objective is to outline a concept of web-programming basis, to study trainee to develop web-application for wide range of tasks and to the further education in this field.
Program helps not only to get key trade, but also to complete an internship at one of the high-tech Israel companies.