Getting ahead, and giving back

<div class="masa-blog-title">Getting ahead, and giving back</div>

By Rina Gluckman, Otzma
I chose to participate in Otzma at the age of 23 because it had everything I wanted in an experience abroad.
During the first part of the program, I lived in northern Israel with other Otzma participants and volunteered at the Nazeret Elite absorption center with new Israeli immigrants. With my economics degree and business interests, I was in heaven.

English Tutor Bonds with Students as They Help with Hebrew

English Tutor Bonds with Students as They Help with Hebrew

July 5, 2011

By Rebecca Apelowicz
A number of young people from around the world, including Canada, spent time in Israel on Masa Israel programs. This is the second in a series of stories as told by some of the Canadian participants.
My first thought as I stepped off the plane in Israel following my graduation from college was, "What have I gotten myself into?" But now that I am only weeks away from returning to Canada, I know that enrolling in Masa Israel's Career Israel was one of the best decisions that I ever made.
Having graduated in December 2009 from Humber College with a Child and Youth Work Diploma, I began my job search but could not find anything that suited me. I had always wanted to spend an extended period of time in Israel, so I decided to head to Israel for five months to gain some professional experience.
During my first month with Career Israel, I studied Hebrew. Then I jumped into my internship at Bialik Rogozin School in Tel Aviv, a school for children of Jewish and Arab Israelis, new immigrants, foreign workers, and refugees from Darfur, where I was an English tutor for students, ages 8 to 18.

Safety and security

Safety and security

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The safety and security of Masa Israel Journey program participants, staff and partners is our top priority.Masa Israel Journey maintains strict standards for safety and security on all program sponsored activities.
As a joint project of the Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency for Israel, Masa Israel programs receive updated information regarding safety and security regularly and are able to respond to official recommendations.

Post College

Masa Israel offers university graduates and young professionals a range of transformative career development, internship, community service and graduate academic experiences in Israel.
Immersing yourself in the culture of another country adds a valuable dimension to your professional and academic experience. Choose from a variety of internship opportunities and gain the knowledge, skills and experience you need to be competitive in today’s global economy.
Take action through community service and develop skills as you explore your passions in a place where 3,000 years of history come together with global leadership in technology, business, green energy, scientific research and the environment. 
Your adventure in Israel awaits. Find it here.

Krav Maga Israel: Get the Best Workout of Your Life

<div class="masa-blog-title">Krav Maga Israel: Get the Best Workout of Your Life</div>

Sensei Dror Shalom, founder of Masa Israel’s Krav Maga Israel, was given a name that means both peace and freedom for a reason.  Born during the Six Day War in 1967, his parents prayed that Israel would be able to defend itself.
Not only did their hopes come true within days, but their son, Dror went on to become a martial arts expert, finishing first in karate in Israel’s national competition, and becoming the chief instructor of Krav Maga in the Israeli army.

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

June 28, 2011

A number of young people from around the world, including Canada, spent time in Israel on Masa Israel programs. This is the first in a series of stories as told by some of the Canadian participants.
Standing near the Lebanon border while listening to a kibbutznik passionately explain why he decided to make aliyah in the 1970s, I suddenly felt a similar desire to live in Israel. The kibbutznik spoke about his love for the country, what it stands for, and its people – all things that I feel very strongly about too, even stronger now that I’ve had the opportunity to live in Israel.
Last September, I enrolled in Masa Israel’s Career Israel program, a five-month living and working experience in Tel Aviv and four months out of the program, I still battle with the question: Should I leave my life in Canada and make aliyah?
I still remember my first breath of Israeli air.  It was 2 a.m. on Sept. 1 and I stood outside of Ben Gurion Airport, fighting with Israeli teenage boys for a place in a shared taxi to Jerusalem.
Alone and exhausted after a 35-hour trip that included a day of touring in Amsterdam, it took me just under two hours to finally get a spot. My rusty Hebrew only making the situation harder, I felt helpless when the driver almost drove away leaving my bags at the airport.
“What am I doing here?” I wondered, finally on my way to Jerusalem. But, it didn’t take long to find the answer to that question, and soon after, I felt right at home.
In the first few weeks of my trip I began to love and appreciate the pushy and aggressive nature of Israelis, and as weeks turned into months I found that I was becoming a pushy, aggressive, sweet, caring and kind Israeli myself. I knew my Tel Aviv neighbourhood like the back of my hand and became an avid shopper at the Carmel market, which was just up the street from my apartment.
I also had the opportunity to work with the Grammy-nominated photographer Eyal Landesman as his studio assistant and helped with the PR and marketing for the international Her Morning Elegance gallery.
Living in Israel like an Israeli was an unbelievable experience for my peers and me, so it’s no wonder that when the program ended, many of them chose to stay.  

Israel Teaching Fellows: A Year of Service for Israel

Israel Teaching Fellows: A Year of Service for Israel

Israel Teaching Fellows: A Year of Service for Israel

June 23, 2011

Masa Israel, an organization most widely known for its assistance for Jewish students spending a year in Israel, has initiated a groundbreaking program for the young Jewish community.
Israel Teaching Fellows, a program created in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Education, will allow 100 college graduates from the US or Canada to travel to Israel for a year and volunteer as English language teachers in the Israeli school system.
"This program is inspired by the thousands of young Jewish adults who travel to Israel looking to give back to Israeli society, says Aaron Goldberg, Director of Marketing and Communications for Masa Israel. "It represents an incredible personal and professional opportunity for these young adults, but also opportunities for Israeli students to learn English from native speakers and to build bridges between Jewish communities in North America and Israel."
According to Goldberg, this is the first large-scale program of its kind, specifically working within the Israeli educational system. Masa is taking its cue from other successful educator volunteer programs working in different countries across the globe, such as in Korea, France, and Chile.

From Intern to Business Partner

<div class="masa-blog-title">From Intern to Business Partner</div>

When Orange Coast College student Chad Schaeffer was considering his study abroad options, he learned that he could intern at an international marketing firm in Tel Aviv, gain professional experience for his merchandising and marketing major, and earn college credit.

Life After York: Finding my way

<div class="masa-blog-title">Life After York: Finding my way</div>

By Dori Tenenbaum, Career Israel
Since kindergarten I have always known what was next: elementary school, high school, then university. At the end of my undergraduate degree I was faced, for the first time in my life, with a real choice of what to do.
Did I want to go to graduate school? Did I want to try my luck in the job market?

Good things are growing in Gedera

<div class="masa-blog-title">Good things are growing in Gedera</div>

“The first time I tried to grow them for the greenhouse, the seedlings all died – I forgot to water them,” says Annie Shore, without sounding a bit guilty. Her second time around, she was more successful.