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Ariel Biel


The Jewish Week: Widen the Israel Discussion on Campus

The Jewish Week: Widen the Israel Discussion on Campus

February 17, 2015

Consul General of Israel in New York, Ido Aharoni, writes about the need to broaden conversations about Israel on American university campuses. 

He argues that, in addition to the 'Israeli-Palestinian/Arab conflict', conversations about Israel need to cover topics that resonate with college students, like sustainability, business health, and other issues that concern them. He goes on to commend those organizations, including Masa Israel Journey, that have set an example for the rest of the community:


"We should empower the organizations that have adopted this approach, when it comes to Israel. The efforts of organizations like Masa [Israel], Birthright, JNF, Lapid, AIPAC, JFNA, Hillel and others have resulted in a new phenomenon in which this generation is looking to Israel as a place of opportunity."


Read Ido Aharoni's full op-ed in The Jewish Week

How to Get (Back) to Israel in 3 Easy Steps: Step 3

<div class="masa-blog-title">How to Get (Back) to Israel in 3 Easy Steps: Step 3</div>

By Allie Bernstein, Career Israel Intern  


This is Part 3 of a three-part blog series. Read Part 1 and Part 2



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Three Countries, One Love

<div class="masa-blog-title">Three Countries, One Love</div>

Jessica Band and Jonathan Gerafi in northern Israel


In September 2011, WUJS Israel participants Jessica Band, 26, and Jonathan Gerafi, 28, lived in the same city, in the same building, just one floor apart. Yet, they never spoke to one another during their first month in Tel Aviv. A month later, their friends went out on the town and the two strangers, who both happened to stay in for the night, met by chance and have been together ever since.


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