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Meital Goldberg

Meital Goldberg

English Speaking Desk Representative

Masa Israel's Top 6 Environmental Programs

<div class="masa-blog-title">Masa Israel's Top 6 Environmental Programs</div>

From desalination to solar energy, irrigation, and literally making the desert bloom, Israelis know a thing or two about green tech and sustainability.

Masa Israel Journey’s environmental programs provide academic, volunteer, and professional opportunities for young adults to gain hands-on experience in sustainable building, organic farming, permaculture, and more.

In honor of this year's Earth Day, grab your hiking boots and get ready for one of Masa Israel’s incredible environmental experiences:


Tech Challenge Fellows

Program Description

The Tech Challenge Fellows program offers select, highly talented young professionals an elite, heavily subsidized, 10-month career-boosting opportunity.

This program is designed to give participants an international, Silicon Wadi edge and is a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity towards developing their individual programming skills, creating lasting networks and forging a strong professional connection to the Israeli hi-tech industry.

If you fit our selective criteria, the Tech Challenge Fellows program will take you a step forward in your personal and professional journey and will connect you to Israel’s dynamic hi-tech community through international experience, hands-on hi-tech training, and networking with like-minded peers.


The program includes two sessions:

Session One:

* 5-month high level tech training provided by leading hi-tech companies in the fields of Data Science and Cyber Security
* Hebrew Ulpan
* Trips and educational activities with peers from all around the world
* Essential networking with professionals

Session Two:

* 5-month paid internship in leading companies such as: Google, IBM, PayPal, Checkpoint, Intel, WIX, and more, tailored to your interests and skills
* Full accommodation in the Tel Aviv area
* Living the “startup nation” nightlife, where work meets play


For more information, visit the Tech Challenge Fellows website.



We offer you:

Elite Participation
Israel Tech Fellows accepts only the exceptional. Talented young adults with impressive backgrounds and great potential in the hi-tech fields will be hand-picked to participate in the program after a rigorous selection process. If selected, you will meet with some of today’s most promising technology professionals, including local Israeli participants, and trip-mates alike.

Intensive Tech Training
As a participant you will benefit from a focused, in-depth five-month training program given by leading local and multi-national companies, academics and tech-entrepreneurs in the fields of software, hardware, networks, cyber security, big-data analytics, cloud computing, machine learning, reverse engineering and more.

Exclusive Exposure to the Start -Up Nation
Enjoy first-hand exposure to the unique elements that make Israel the hub of innovation that it is – entrepreneurship, excellence, daring vision and teamwork. Through meetings with relevant organizations in hi-tech, academia and the defense community, you’ll gain exposure to a broad array of Israel’s most cutting-edge technologies including software, space, nano-tech, aerial defense, bio-med, and clean-tech.

Meaningful 5-Month Paid Internships
After completing an elite training program, put your skills in action, interning in Israel’s leading hi-tech companies. During this five-month internship, participants benefit from high-level mentoring, and hand-in-hand guidance for those looking to pursue a hi-tech career in Israel or just have a great international experience.


The Tech Challenge Fellows program is about integration. You’ll enjoy full immersion in Israeli society (especially Tel Aviv cultural life), an Ulpan program to develop your Hebrew skills, trips throughout the country, and social and educational programming.

The 2015 Masa Israel Yom HaZikaron Ceremony

The 2015 Masa Israel Yom HaZikaron Ceremony

The 2015 Masa Israel Yom HaZikaron Ceremony

April 22, 2015

On Tuesday April 21, over 5,000 Masa Israel Journey participants gathered at the Armored Corps Memorial Site and Museum at Latrun for the annual Masa Israel Yom HaZikaron Ceremony. Several delegations from Jewish communities around the world joined the Masa Israel community in mourning Israel’s fallen soldiers and victims of terror. 

alt="masa israel yom hazikaron"

Opening of the Masa Israel Yom HaZikaron Ceremony


The annual Masa Israel ceremony is the third largest official Yom HaZikaron service in the State of Israel and serves as the only official ceremony for non-Hebrew speakers. Many of the individual IDF soldiers and victims of terror honored in the touching memorial service, like Masa Israel participants, did not grow up in Israel.

This year’s ceremony commemorated the lives of Max Steinberg, Jordan Bensemhoun, Dana Galkowitz, Philip Musko, Nir Cohen, and Masa Israel alum Michael Levin. Their loved ones and the families of other fallen soldiers and victims of terror attended the ceremony as well.


alt="max steinberg"

The Masa Israel Community remembers Sergeant Max Steinberg


After the lighting of the memorial flame and ceremonial wreath-laying, Natan Sharansky, Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel addressed the audience, sharing his memories of observing Yom HaZikaron during his time in prison in Russia. Avichai Mandelblit, Israel’s Cabinet Secretary, spoke on behalf of the Prime Minister’s office.  The father of Dana Galkowitz, a young woman from a southern kibbutz who was killed in a mortar attack, spoke about his daughter and on behalf of the bereaved families in the audience and across the State of Israel.


alt="avichai mendelblit"

Israeli Cabinet Secretary, Avichai Mendelblit


The emotional ceremony also included moving biographical videos about the six above-mentioned young men and women, musical interludes, and prayers. 


Click here to watch the ceremony. 



Program Description

This program is conducted in French.

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows Raise Money for their Schools

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows Raise Money for their Schools

March 27, 2015

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows work in some of the most underfunded schools in Israel. They teach students who lack access to the books and supplies necessary for their education. However, at the December Masa Israel Leadership Summit, seven entrepreneurial Fellows took it upon themselves to bring attention to these issues and fundraise for the schools in which they work.

The December Leadership Summit featured the first ever NU Campaign AcTEEvism Workshop ever. For the first time, NU Campaign’s clients created their own campaign: from choosing a cause, to creating a message, and designing a shirt.


Masa Israel Teaching Fellows' "Education Matters" shirt via NU Campaign

“It’s a totally new idea for NU, where we empower students to be active for things they are passionate about,” explained David Kramer, Founder and CEO of the Israeli crowd-funding platform that creates customized apparel to raise awareness and funds for a cause, charity, event, project, or business.

“David told us about the company and was like ‘I’ve talked enough. Now you guys have to come up with your own design and campaign,’” Marni Balint, a Fellow in Netanya, remembered. “’If I like it, we’ll put it up on the website.’”

Whereas everyone participating in the workshop was a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow, Arielle Goldfarb, Lauren Kivowitz, Marni Balint, Rachel Beckman, Rachel Leeds, Samantha Bear, and Talya Sterling created a campaign for the cause that brought them to Israel – the cause that they are already dedicating a year of their lives to – improving Israel’s education system.

It was also apparent to David that, as Masa Israel Teaching Fellows who work in Israel’s socioeconomic periphery, each member of the group had personally experienced the desperate need for the equal distribution of supplies and resources to Israel’s schools.

Rachel Beckman, a Bostonian who teaches in Petach Tikvah, works with students who do not have the right books or materials for their classes because neither their parents nor their schools can afford them. “As an educator, I am saddened to see that students are left behind or bored in class because they do not have access to the tools they need.”

David also saw a group of passionate young professionals who had a clear mission.  “I just grabbed a marker and started drawing,” Marni explained. “We wanted an open book and then everyone just added to the design.” At the end of the workshop, the NU Campaign founder and CEO took a picture and sent it to his design team. The Education Matters campaign launched one month later, on the NU Campaign website.

For many of the involved Fellows, the campaign only strengthened their resolve to change the lives of Israeli students. “It’s all about making a difference, one student at a time,” said Talya Sterling, a Cleveland native teaching in Petach Tikvah.


For more information and to support the campaign, visit Education Matters.

An Unexpected Surprise: Alumni Fellow Reflects On The 2015 AIPAC Policy Conference

<div class="masa-blog-title">An Unexpected Surprise: Alumni Fellow Reflects On The 2015 AIPAC Policy Conference</div>

By Terissa Schor, Masa Israel Alumni Fellow


I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend my first AIPAC Policy Conference this year, with Masa Israel Journey. It surprised me in so many positive and unexpected ways. While I used to think (forgive me) that AIPAC was only for older, wealthy, right-wing Israelis and Jewish Americans, I now know that AIPAC Policy Conference attracts a diverse group of supporters from every walk of life.


Tlalim - High Tech Enterprise Internship

Program Description

The High Tech Enterprise Internship program will provide you with an excellent springboard to a successful future career in one of the world’s leading high tech international company. You will receive full time guidance by a professional career counselor. This is a five-day weekly internship program in which participants will work as interns during the week and have one day off for engaging in enriching group activities, seminars, volunteering, celebrating Jewish festivals, going sightseeing and exploring Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps.


• A career in one of the world’s leading high tech international companies
• Full time guidance by a professional career counselor
• Experience of a lifetime while enhancing your skills
• Housing in the fantastic nightlife and vibrant culture of Tel Aviv
• Placement with Israelis peers
• Create connections and build yourself a professional network
• Educational seminars- Fulfill Masa's requirements
• Ulpan availability

Tlalim - Raanana City Hall Internship

Program Description

In conjunction with the local municipality, Masa Tlalim has developed a 5 month internship program in which participants will be given a wonderful opportunity of working in one of 16 key positions, all based in Ra'anana's City Hall. Ra'anana is a vibrant and popular city, located in the central district of Israel, 20 minutes outside of Tel Aviv. Many of the world’s leading hi-tech companies are based in Ra'anana, including Microsoft, Amdocs, HP and Waze. 
We are offering a variety of interesting and challenging jobs in different field of expertise and interest, including: marketing management, spokesmanship, computer programming, social welfare, entrepreneurship, sports coaching, and more.


• 25-30 hrs of work per week
• Educational seminars- Fulfill Masa's requirements
• Ulpan availability
• Dorm style living- Tel Aviv: 1-2 people in a room with bathroom and kitchenette. 
• Housing in Raanana
• Placement with Israelis peers