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Yael Pearlman">Yael Pearlman

English Speaking Desk Rep (Jerusalem)

Yael Pearlman is an English Speaking Desk Representative in Masa's Jerusalem office. She has spent significant time in Israel, completeing a year of seminary through Masa and a year of National Service at Shaarie Tzedek Medical Center. She returned to New York to complete a BS in Psycology at CUNY in 2014, after which she made Aliyah. She currently lives in Jerusalem.

Jodi Taube">Jodi Taube

English Speaking Desk Rep (Jerusalem)

Jodi Taube, a New Jersey native, is an English Speaking Desk Representative in the Jerusalem office. She made Aliyah in 2009 after completing a Masa internship program. Previously, she ran a scholarship program for youth aging-out of the foster care system.


She has a passion for bringing people to Israel for transformative, live-changing experiences like that one she had. She now lives in Jerusalem with her husband and son.


Philippa Greenwald-Warburg">Philippa Greenwald-Warburg

Marketing & Sales Operations Coordinator (Jerusalem)

Philippa is Masa Israel’s Marketing & Sales Operations Coordinator. She coordinates ground force marketing operations in Israel, from fairs to our teams of ambassadors. Originally from England, Philippa made Aliyah 10 years ago with her family. She completed her first year of national service in the Binyamin Regional Council Security Emergency Center and her second year in the Educational Department of Masa.


She is very passionate about Israel and loves helping others find opportunities to also discover their love for Israel. She is newly married and lives in Chashonaim.

Nurit Even Tov">Nurit Even Tov

Director of Projects and Budgets (Jerusalem)

Nurit Even-Tov is a native Israeli. She has a BA in Economics and Business Management from The Hebrew University. She began working for Masa Israle in 2008.


She currently lives in Jerusalem with her husband and two children.