Mayanot Institute-Men's Program

Program Description

The Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies Men’s Program offers a unique atmosphere in which to learn, combining authentic textual learning with a warm, inviting environment where discussion and questioning are encouraged. The Mayanot eight-level Talmud program enables you to participate in one-on-one study, to maximize your knowledge, and provide you with the tools to study independently.
In addition to the unparalleled experience of being in Israel, you will be exposed to fellow students from around the world, immersing yourself in Torah study and different schools of thought within Judaism.  NO BACKGROUND IN HEBREW OR TEXTUAL STUDY IS REQUIRED. 
Explore your roots, culture and traditions within a true Israeli and Jewish context.

Director of Admissions:

Schneur Weinberg

C: +972 54 3606 827

W: 212-980-3414 X 508


Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion

Program Description

Hebrew Union College requires students to spend the first year of their studies in Israel for the establishment of lifelong ties vital to sustaining the living bonds between the North American and Israeli communities. The Year-in-Israel program imbues rabbinical, cantorial and Jewish education students with a spirit of partnership that they take home with them to complete their studies in North America and Europe, and fosters a shared sense of responsibility that transcends geography to assert the overarching unity of the Jewish people.
The curriculum encompasses Hebrew language immersion, foundational textual skills, Israel studies, community building, and both spiritual and professional development. Utilizing Israel itself as a classroom, the students explore Israeli culture, the history of Zionism and the social and political challenges in Israel, and participate in community service projects.

Masa Alumni Tikkun Olam Committee Brings Family History to Life

Masa Alumni Tikkun Olam Committee Brings Family History to Life

Masa Alumni Tikkun Olam Committee Brings Family History to Life

January 26, 2012

Earlier this year, 15 Masa alumni took part in 3GNY‘s We Educate, a three-part course to  train them to teach their grandparents’ Holocaust experiences in NYC public schools.
After three sessions, the alumni created an event to showcase their work to the Jewish community and spread awareness of the program.
On January 25, 40 individuals, Masa alumni and other community members, gathered in Hummus Place in the East Village to hear their peers’ family histories over hummus and pita. Masa alumna Yael Friedman shared her grandparents’ tale of survival, which she only learned because the course gave her the impetus to ask.  Following her experience interning at Yad Vashem through Masa Israel’s Career Israel, Yael registered for the course. 
“Masa alumni return from Israel with the passion to make a difference in their communities,” said Rachel Sales, Masa Israel’s Director of Alumni.  ”We Educate provided alumni with tools and training to make a tangible impact.”
To get involved in the Masa Israel Tikkun Olam Committee, please contact Rachel Sales at


Hear participants talk about their daily life, take a virtual tour of your favorite program, and watch your semester of year in Israel unfold in front of you

Yeshivat Otniel


She'arim College of Jewish Studies for Women

Program Description

She'arim College of Jewish Studies for Women offers an exceptional approach to education that combines personalized teaching, textual study skills and an integrative approach to personal growth. She'arim relates to each student as a unique person, individualizing schedules and classes as necessary. The hallmark of She'arim is the fostering of a close student-teacher relationship, the building of skills and incentive to continue learning, as well as strengthening the ability to connect with the spiritual side of Judaism. 
As a school run by women for women, She'arim has a special flavor to it. She'arim has an amazing atmosphere of mutual cooperation, concern, encouragement and growth. It offers full range of Jewish studies including Torah, Prophets, Halacha, Jewish Philosophy, Hebrew Ulpan and Jewish history in both lecture and chevruta format.

Shaarei Daat

Program Description

Shaarei Daat enables students to grow and strengthen their Jewish knowledge, theoretical and practical, with emphasis on the Gemara, Halacha, Tanach, Mussar, Emunah, Machshava, and Yirat Shamaim. The program seeks to train future leaders with broad knowledge in all areas of Torah, providing tools for the future to illuminate the community.
Through a partnership with universities and professional courses combining a contemporary Israeli academic education with Jewish teaching at the beit hamidrash,  we help students acquire the wisdom to make your life a success, in both secular and spiritual arenas. Students connect with Brazilian families at the yeshiva and in Israel. 

For more information, please contact:

Ariel Carnevale
p: 972 52 474 7974

For Alumni

For Alumni

Once you sign up for a Masa Israel program, you’re always a member of the Masa Israel Community! When you return home from your program, you can become involved with the Masa Israel Alumni Community, a network of young Jewish adults like you who’ve had a long term experience in Israel and want to stay connected to their friends, to their experience, to Israel, and to Jewish life.
The Alumni Community serves as a platform for Jewish leadership by connecting alumni to jobs, resources for professional development, service opportunities and leadership training. 
Masa Israel Journey is committed to keeping our growing alumni community connected and informed about service and career development opportunities, educational programs and more. To learn more about these opportunities and ways to get involved, join the Masa Israel Community site

Alumni Community Videos


Seminar Yerushalayim

Program Description

Seminar Yerushalayim is a post high school program for Orthodox girls. It provides intense Judaic studies along with exciting extracurricular programs and trips throughout Israel.

Baer Miriam / Maayanot

Program Description


Ba'er Miriam

Ba'er Miriam prides itself on providing an educational environment and curriculum designed for girls who enjoy an intellectual challenging advanced Jewish Studies progam in an inspirational atmosphere. You will devote your year at Ba'er Miriam to honing textual skills in serious Torah study, while infusing Torah values into your personal character growth.  Many classes are small and intimate, enabling you to achieve your highest learning potential and forge personal relationships with teachers. 
Ba'er Miriam's strong emphasis on tiyulim (guided tours) throughout the country helps the Tanach come alive as our students’ appreciation for the Land of Israel grows. Ba'er Miriam is renowned for our excellent program, warm staff of outstanding educators, the warmth and inclusiveness of our student body and our concern for the comfort and well being of our students.


Ma’ayanot is designed for dynamic, motivated students who wish to maximize their growth and character development, to be inspired and to be an inspirational role model for others. At Ma’ayanot we learn not only what, but why! Ma’ayanot is renowned for our excellent program, warm staff of outstanding educators, our fun exciting tiyulim to all parts of the country, the warmth and inclusiveness of our student body and our concern for the comfort and well being of our students. Ma’ayanot is open to the motivated student who is a baalat midot and wants to grow in Yirat Shamayim, Ahavat Hashem and a deeper love and understanding of Torah and Mitzvot
The Ma’ayanot educational program emphasizes inspirational and discussion based classes as well as offering textual classes. Students forge lasting relationships with our teachers and become part of the extended Ma’ayanot family.



- The program provides a nutritious breakfast and a hot dinner (main meal).
- Financial needs-based scholarships provided by the program are available.


Program Description

Whether you’re immersed in a thought-provoking class or involved in an animated discussion, whether you're in school or whether you’re in a teacher’s home, Tiferet will provide you with the most inspiring learning experience you can imagine. Tiferet is a Religious-Zionist school that aims to give its students an all-encompassing Israel experience that appeals to the mind, body and soul. We aspire to enlighten our students and broaden their understanding and knowledge of Judaism, as well as inspire them towards a closer connection to Torah, Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael. Our experienced and dynamic staff instill pride in Torah and love for every Jew in each and every student. 
The chesed (acts of kindness) program at Tiferet lets you translate your Torah knowledge into action. There's a wide variety of opportunities to choose from, including packing food for needy families, aiding victims of terror, helping new immigrants, and more. 
If you want a top notch school and a warm, vibrant community, you want Tiferet.