Me'ohr Bais Yaakov

Program Description

Me’ohr Bais Yaakov Teachers Seminary (founded in 1999) is an intensive study program for recent graduates of Bais Yaakov high schools. Me’ohr focuses on in-depth study of Jewish learning and philosophy while emphasizing lessons that are practical and applicable to everyday Jewish life.
In addition to religious studies, students take courses in education that include methodology and classroom management, as well as classes on child development and education. These studies prepare our students for teaching in Jewish schools throughout the world.
Me’ohr is known for its warm environment in which student-teacher relationships are encouraged and fostered. Me’ohr provides full room and board, as well as tiyulim and Shabbatonim throughout the year.

Yeshivat Ma'alot

Program Description

Yeshivat Ma’alot is located in the town of Ma’alot, in the hills of the Galilee. The Yeshiva is home to over 200 Hesder students who combine Torah learning and army service. Students learn GemaraTanach, Emunah, Hashkafa and Halacha.
The Overseas Program at Yeshivat Ma’alot offers a unique opportunity to be fully integrated in the Yeshiva’s Israeli track while still receiving the personal attention and warmth that overseas students deserve. The devoted staff is at the students’ side throughout the day, both during shiurim and chevrutot, to maximize their learning experience. The overseas students form lifelong friendships with the Israeli students. In addition to a full learning schedule, the students both enjoy a variety of tiyulim and take part in different community outreach and chesed programs.

Yeshivat Reishit Yerushalayim

Program Description

Reishit provides authentic, balanced, serious Torah studies in a warm, caring atmosphere which engages and develops the full inner world of each student. Our aim is excellence – in academic achievement, in character development, in leadership training, and in value integration. We focus on the uniqueness and dignity of each of our students as we inspire them to realize their full potential. 
We cultivate a passion for learning, a lifelong dedication to our majestic mesorah, a powerful commitment to the Jewish people, the land of Israel and compassion for all humanity. Reishit is dedicated to providing its talmidim with an unmatched degree of warmth and personal attention. Many students find that the most remarkable and memorable experience of their year in Israel is the forging of these special relationships. At Reishit, this is not merely a byproduct of our educational system, but rather its centerpiece, our focus.



Mayanot Institute

Program Description

The men’s program at Mayanot offers a unique approach to Jewish education that combines a highly academic curriculum with inspiring Jewish life experiences opening rich and diverse possibilities for Jewish expression. Students of diverse backgrounds study together in an open-minded yet challenging environment.
This deep immersion in Jewish learning nurtures a love for the Jewish people and connection to the land of Israel. All class sizes are small, and one-on-one learning each day facilitates your accelerated skill acquisition and independence. The Judaic Studies Program provides you with a smorgasbord of Jewish ideas. It is ideal for the student who wants to have a taste of many styles and topics. The JSP track is designed as an introductory course for the serious student who has little to no background in Hebrew language and textual study. Classes in JSP are one-hour long and are mainly lecture style.

Torah BaGolan

Program Description

Torah BaGolan combines serious Talmud Torah, and rigorous challenging outdoor experiences, fostering a strong focus on personal growth

while developing ones leadership and responsibilities to Am Yisrael.

Torah BaGolan, a part of The Yeshivat HaGolan Hesder Yeshiva, a spiritual beacon in the Golan, provides a real “home in Israel” for overseas 

talmidim who are embraced by their Israeli peers and Rabbis.  Being close to the land in the breathtaking Golan Heights enhances Torah learning and Avodat Hashem. 

The core ideals of Torat Yisrael, Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael are the very heart of our program and they are manifest in our daily activities.


For more information, please contact:

Alon Moreshet




Yeshivat Lev Aharon

Program Description

Located in the beautiful neighborhood of Har Nof, Jerusalem, Yeshivat Lev Aharon is a leading yeshiva offering a unique Sephardi experience in the exploration of Torah and Israel. Now heading into its eighth year, Lev Aharon continues its tradition of building well-rounded young men who take the Torah perspective they learn in yeshiva with them into their future lives. 
Lev Aharon is the perfect place for the young man who is looking to mature as a Jew and connect to Torah, while enjoying an exciting Israel experience.

For more information, contact:

Rabbi David Laniado
International (p): 972-2-651-4431
US (p): 718-689-1667
(f): 972-2-653-7811



Ayelet Hashajar

Program Description

Ayelet Hashajar divides its time between high-level Torah study and volunteer work/Sherut Leumi with the intention of strengthening the students' commitment to Torah, solidifying their Jewish identity and reinforcing their ties to the Land and People of Israel. Women in the program develop their Torah knowledge, Hebrew language skills, and abilities in the area in which they are trained to volunteer. Volunteer work provides students with the opportunity to apply Torah concepts they have learned.
Young women enrolled at Ayelet Hashajar spend their afternoons/evenings participating in classes with a high level of Torah study and learning sessions, including: lectures based on rabbinic texts (Mishna, Midrash, etc.); self-study and chavrutot; in addition, there is an art therapy class and a creative writing class to provide students with a creative outlet after a long and intense week. Mornings are spent in volunteer work/Sherut Leumi in volunteer locations including hospitals, kindergartens, schools, community centers and retirement homes. 

Conservative Yeshiva

Program Description

The Conservative Yeshiva is a welcoming, egalitarian and diverse learning community offering men and women the opportunity to seriously explore traditional Jewish texts.
You will study classical texts in the traditional chevruta (preparing with a study partner) and shiur (seminar-type classes) in an environment that is open to the wisdom of modern scholarship and the challenges of social change. Courses are offered at multiple levels in a flexible program accommodating student’s individual interests.

For more information, contact:

US: (781) 325-4631

Binyan Av - Shorashenu

Program Description

The Shorashenu program of Yeshivat Binyan Av emphasizes the study of Judaism based on the Talmud, integrated with trips all over the country of Israel. Studies cover a vast gamut of Jewish subject matter including practical law, Jewish legal sources, study of the Chumash (parashat hashavua) and more.
Participants also acquire a first-hand knowledge of the Land of Israel and lectures on the history that surround the Jewish people and the country. Shorashenu features cultural activities, jeep trips to a number of interesting places and geological sites, as well as hikes in which they discover what they cannot see by car.

A Taste of Israel

Program Description

Annually, thousands of English-speaking Sephardic high school graduates think about investing a year of study in Israel.  Mikdash Melech Jerusalem engages 90 students from around the world in a challenging program of Torah studies, which include: successful completion of a Masechta (tractate) of Talmud by the close of the year, Halacha, with emphasis on Sephardic traditions and customs, Humash with in-depth commentaries and commanding lectures on Navi, Tehillim, Mussar and Rambam.
Replete with exhilarating tours of the Holy Land, and recreation facilities, the Mikdash Melech Jerusalem learning experience enriches the students’ bodies, minds and souls.
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