Kitov Sachra Seminary

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Nachlas Bais Yaakov

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Tehilas Bais Yaakov

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Aardvark Israel - Selah

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Aardvark Israel - Selah offers Jewish students from around the world the opportunity to “MAKE ISRAEL YOURS” through enriching Jewish learning and experiences in a co-ed, non-coercive atmosphere.  Students will explore their Jewish identity, ask questions and enjoy their Jewish learning in an open and supportive environment.

While living in apartments in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, students will volunteer or intern, tour the hidden gems of Israel through trips and excursions, take academic courses, study in a Beit Midrash, have unique Jewish experiences, celebrate Shabbat with different communities in Israel and interact with amazing Rabbis and Jewish educators.  Our experienced staff and high ratio of staff to students allow Aardvark to cater to the different interests of our international student population. This program is for young adults who love to learn, interact with many different types of people and want to be immersed into Israeli society.

In addition to the core components of the program, students may customize the experience even further by choosing one of our

Special Interest Add-Ons:

- Mind-Body Track (Psychology and Medicine track), including volunteering with Magen David Adom ambulances

- Entrepreneurship Track

- Law and Government Track


- Live in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

- Opportunities for international travel to Europe, Africa and Asia

-Enriching Beit Midrash and experiential Jewish learning

-Unique internship and volunteering opportunities

-Live with students from all over the world

Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts to Bring Home from Israel

<div class="masa-blog-title">Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts to Bring Home from Israel</div>

As programs wind down and Masa Israel participants prepare to head home, here are a few ideas for last-minute Father’s Day gifts to pick up before heading to the airport:


1. A cheesy tourist t-shirt


alt="hebrew coca cola shirt"

via israeli-T


Stacey Abendstern


Midreshet Bat Tsion

Program Description

This program is conducted in French.

Daniel Spector-IGF

Daniel Spector-IGF

Israel Government Fellows

Born in Massachusetts, Daniel Spector, 22, grew up in a non-traditional home. His family belonged to a reform synagogue but was not very connected to Judaism. That all changed when Daniel first traveled to Israel on Birthright. Daniel found that he identified with Israelis not only on the basis of religion and culture but also in their readiness to discuss issues with a sincerity and genuine passion that he had never experienced before. It inspired him to engage with the issues confronting Israeli society and he knew that he wanted to go back to Israel at some point.


In the year before coming on the Israel Government Fellows program (IGF), Daniel directed his efforts as an advocate for the David Project, tasked with making his experience with Israel part of the conversation at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he was studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration in Operations and Information Management. He also attended the AIPAC policy conference in Washington DC out of a desire to get directly involved with the political issues surrounding Israel and started teaching himself Hebrew.


Daniel knew that he wanted to gain professional experience by working in Israel. The Masa Israel Government Fellow program caught his eye because it would give him the work experience he wanted, boost his resume, and give him the financial assistance that he needed.


Now, as an Israel Government Fellow, Daniel is interning at the Office of the Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Economy, where he works alongside the Director of the Strategy & Economic Research Unit.




Shaarey Israel - Universitaot

Program Description

The First Key: Acquaintance with Israeli high schools

1.1. Lectures by teachers belonging to the high academic school of Israel.
1.2. Studies and communication with Israeli students.
1.3.Trainings, round tables, discussions and other.

The Second Key: Trainings and master classes according to the Isaac Pintosevich Systems methodology. The best learning programs that give simple and efficient development “instruments” to everyone. We invest in our graduates, and they thank us by their brilliant results and achievements in all spheres of life. We provide quality training and post-training support by professional coaches and business trainers.

The Third Key. Trainee jobs in the best Israeli companies for those who already have professions.

The Fourth Key. Professional courses. Over 20 professions, including marketing, secretary/office manager, realtor, tourist agent, stock broker, jeweler, web-designer and graphic, make-up artist, chef, Jewish specific professions and more.

The Fifth Key. For those who want to build up one’s OWN combined program on the basis of the above mentioned. The students will enjoy fascinating lessons, swimming pool, gym, entertaining weekends, events and excursions, and acquaintance with various Jewish communities of Israel.
By the end of the program, the organizers provide assistance and help to the graduates in spiritual, personal and professional issues, including difficulties in absorption, finding a job and marriage.

The program is suited for married couples.



Shaarey Israel - Maayaney HaTorah

Program Description

The First Key, for those interested in personal development and in the unique Jewish way of life, interested in one’s future career and in modern Israel.

1.1. Preparatory work making you ready for the entry to Israeli universities and colleges: lessons in Hebrew, English, Mathematics, etc., making you ready for passing psychometric tests.
1.2. Trainee jobs in prestigious Israeli companies for those who already have got professional education in various fields of knowledge. (Individual choice of a probation place)
1.3. Professional courses: computer sciences, graphics and design, photography, marketing, coaching, business training, eloquence, NLP and more. Over 20 field areas.
1.4. Acquaintance with Torah sources and study of Torah.
The Second Key, for those who are acquainted with the basics of Jewish tradition and who want to study further.
2.1. Studying Torah and Talmud under supervision of experienced teachers, analytical analysis of Torah texts and comments according to classical approaches to the Jewish tradition. Learning the Jewish ethics, philosophy and world view (for bachurim and avrechim)
2.2. Advanced studies of Hebrew and Aramaic (both individually and in groups).
2.3. Professional courses in classical Jewish jobs: sofer, shochet, mashgiach kashrut, cantor, shaliach tzibbur, baal koreh, tefillin maker, ruling elder and other.

The Third Key, for those who want to build up their OWN learning program on the basis of the above mentioned.
All students of the Mahaney ha-Torah Talmudic Academy will enjoy interesting lessons, swimming pool, gym, weekends, excursions and entertainments, acquaintance with various Jewish communities of Israel.

By the end of the program the organizers provide help and assistance to their graduates in spiritual, personal and professional issues, including the absorption difficulties, finding the job and marriage.

The program suits for families (wives can get education according to any of the “Shaarey Israel” programs).


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