Ofer Gutman

Ofer Gutman

Director of Marketing & Sales.

Alli Green

Alli Green

Marketing and Communications Manager


Hear participants talk about their daily life, take a virtual tour of your favorite program, and watch your semester of year in Israel unfold in front of you



Update from Masa Israel

<div class="masa-blog-title">Update from Masa Israel</div>

Over the last few days, Israeli population centers have been targeted by rocket fire from Gaza, and the Israel Defense Forces have launched Operation Protective Edge, with the aim of restoring stability to Israeli civilians. The safety and security of Masa Israel Journey program participants, staff and partners is our top priority.

Or Vishua - Shnat Yeshiva

Program Description

This program is conducted in French.

4 Hidden Treasures of Tel Aviv - in Mini Israel

<div class="masa-blog-title">4 Hidden Treasures of Tel Aviv - in Mini Israel</div>

by Maria Olshanskaya, WUJS Israel intern
Even if you’ve been to Israel a dozen times, the seemingly kitschy exhibit at Mini Israel might reveal to you the hidden gems you’ve been missing on prior visits.

Masa Israel Connections: Online Networking Event

Masa Israel Connections: Online Networking Event

July 9, 2014 - 11:00

  Online  - 

Connect with fellow alumni in your field or city at our online networking event on July 9!

At Masa Israel Journey, we know that getting started in a community can be tough. We want to help make that easier by providing you with the best resources around...one another! During the Masa Israel Connections Event you will:

  • Connect with Masa Israel alumni living in or returning to your area. 
  • Share your amazing experiences from Israel with someone who has done it before and truly gets it. 
  • Begin to Build your ideas for the future.

Alumni: Do you have experience to share with current participants about transitioning back or do you yourself want to get involved locally? Connect with current participants or meet with seasoned alumni.

Current Participants: Are you starting to think about returning home? You will make useful connections that will help you transition. 

Through the event you will have a chance to connect with alumni based on where they are currently. Connect with as many communities as you like to meet people and hear about opportunities. You never know what you might learn!

Click here to sign up!


Machon Bina


Program Description

The Machon Bina program is designed around the students – providing an environment where each can further develop her unique self and strengthen her identity and commitment to a life guided by Torah and Chasidus. It is the details and the nuances of the Machon Bina program that fosters this growth - classroom learning (discussions, text based, small group learning and other modalities of adult learning) and hands-on/ minds-on projects. Through this blend of learning and projects, the girls will gain deep and meaningful insights into life as Chabad women and hone their strengths and learn new skills for living a full and purposeful life. The Machon Bina program will help them develop the mindsets and tools for life – as a woman, wife, mother, and Shlucha, or wherever life takes them.

Binyan Olam - Girls Program

Program Description

This program is conducted in Spanish.

Tamar Zilbershatz

Tamar Zilbershatz

Director, Gap & Service Programs