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Migdal will inspire our students with a desire to learn and become more knowledgeable in Torah as well empower them with the skills in order to do so. We ensure that our students leave the yeshiva with the tools they need for lifelong independent study in all areas of Torah scholarship. At Migdal, shiurim are not lectures, but are rather tailored learning experiences where questions and dialogue are encouraged. There is also great emphasis on chavruta style learning and allowing students to work through the entire spectrum of Jewish texts on their own under the guidance of their rebbeim.
Our goal at Migdal is to provide the best possible role models for our students. Along with a dedicated full-time faculty, many of our rebbeim maintain jobs in the secular world and lead by example on how one is to live as a Torah Jew in today's society. A primary component of the curriculum at Migdal is dedicated to examining the many issues that confront a person in the modern world from both a halachic and philosophic perspective.

Seminaire Orthodoxe Francophone - Beera Chel Myriam

Program Description

This program is conducted in French.

Masa participants revel at Israeli mega-cultural event

Masa participants revel at Israeli mega-cultural event

Masa participants revel at Israeli mega-cultural event

February 26, 2013

The youths, part of over 200 Masa Israel Journey programs being held throughout the country, were the guests of The Jewish Agency for Israel's three-day Board of Governors meeting, also being held in the capital.
JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - More than two thousand Jewish youth from around the world packed into Jerusalem's International Convention Center's halls Monday evening to attend a series of master classes and performances held by some of the country's top entertainment, literary, and artistic talents.
The event, which hosted parcipitants from over 200 Masa Israel Journey programs being held throughout the country, coincided with The Jewish Agency for Israel's three-day Board of Governors meeting, which also took place in the capital.
Masa Israel Journey offers young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 immersive, life-changing gap year, study abroad, post-college and volunteer experiences in Israel, connecting them to programs that meet their interests, offering scholarships, providing expertise, and supporting them throughout the entire process.
The evening opened with a screening of the award-winning Israeli film, Fill the Void, and a master class held afterward by the film's starring actress, Irit Sheleg. 
Later, performing in more intimate halls alongside one another, some of Israel's top cultural icons shared their perspectives on Israeli culture with the Masa participants.
The performers included music, poetry and prose, by classically-trained pianist and composer Shlomi Shaban and singer and guitarist Yali Sobol of the band Monica Sex; a solo show by indie groove diva Karolina (Keren Avratz), songs by pop sensation Harel Skaat, a reading by award-winning author Etgar Keret, a dramatic performance by a troupe from the Vertigo Contemporary Dance Company. 
The evening was capped by a scorching performance in the main auditorium by hip-hop and reggae singer Mooke and his band, who raised the roof and brought the audience to their feet and rocking in the aisles for the entire set.

Exploring Community Far Away from Home

<div class="masa-blog-title">Exploring Community Far Away from Home </div>

By Jillian Hoenig, Shaalvim for Women
Does our unity make us a community, or does our being a community unite us?
What does it mean to be a community?
To be a state?
To be a nation?
What connection do we have with one another? 
 My friend Ariel and I were in Sanhedria looking to hail a cab.

Rejuvenated Jewish Pride

<div class="masa-blog-title">Rejuvenated Jewish Pride </div>

By Rachel Manoucheri, Bnos Chava
I have been an Orthodox Jew my entire life. 
I studied in the most prestigious religious institutions of Los Angeles, and spent last year at the Masa Israel-accredited Bnos Chava, an academically rigorous seminary in Jerusalem.  
During my free time, I toured the streets of Jerusalem, and began to comprehend the identity of each Jewish sect.

Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies Announces Significant Tuition Grants to Masa Israel Journey Alumni

Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies Announces Significant Tuition Grants to Masa Israel Journey Alumni

Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies Announces Significant Tuition Grants to Masa Israel Journey Alumni

February 19, 2013

The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem recently announced a new initiative exclusively for Masa Israel Journey program alumni: significant tuition grants of up to 70% off for the 2013-2014 Year Program.
These $4,000 Year Program tuition grants are available on a limited basis, and roughly parallel the amounts awarded by Masa Israel Journey to those eligible in order to help cover the cost of full-time study at Pardes.
The launch of this special grant comes as the result of identifying a growing interest among Masa program participants and alumni in finding a meaningful, serious, and open forum to explore questions about Jewish life, text and ritual, both during their respective programs and beyond. Over the last several years, Pardes has opened its doors to welcome other Masa programs for enrichment opportunities including learning sessions about Jewish holidays, Shabbatonim, and more.
In many cases, time spent volunteering, interning, and pursuing additional passions in Israel leads to a piqued interest in Jewish identity, Jewish community, and Jewish knowledge, and participants find themselves eager for a forum to explore these issues while further engaging with Israeli society.
"I had a wonderful time on Oztma in 2010-11, living, working, and sometimes playing in Israeli society. At the end of the year, I was not ready to leave," said Amir Zinkow, now a student at Pardes. "Learning at Pardes has been an amazing way to help me further connect to Israel, the Jewish people, and my own Judaism from a textual perspective, and has empowered me with skills to lead an informed Jewish life."
The Pardes grants will allow Masa program participants of the last five years an opportunity to take their Jewish exploration and learning to the next level, while alleviating some of the financial concern that full-time study sometimes brings - particularly for those who have already used their funding from Masa.
Pardes Dean Dr. David I. Bernstein said, “As Masa's impressive array of programs continues to provide transformative experiences in Israel to so many young Jewish adults, we hear their wishes to continue exploring their Jewish identities in a meaningful way. Pardes decided to take the extra step to further engage Masa alumni by providing an in-depth opportunity to explore classic Jewish texts and contemporary Jewish issues in a diverse, warm, and open environment.”
For more information, visit or contact

Defining Growth

<div class="masa-blog-title">Defining Growth </div>

By Orah Gidanian, Me'ohr Baeis Yaakov
My goal when deciding to spend the year in an institute in Israel was the classic one- I wanted to grow. 
I wanted to mature and expand myself from experiences that I would not be privy to otherwise. 
Except I don’t think I truly knew or understood what the word meant or what it was I meant when saying “I want to grow”. 

Giving Back

<div class="masa-blog-title">Giving Back </div>

By Yiriel Liss, Yeshivat Lev HaTorah
Rabbi Mordechai Machlis is one of the greatest examples of a ba’al chessed, someone who does good deeds. 
He exemplifies this in the way that he lives his life, not for his own needs, but for the needs of everyone around him. He and his family open up their modest home every Shabbat, and host hundreds of people for meals.


<div class="masa-blog-title">GAZA, THE NEGEV, AND…AUSTRALIA?</div>

By Eric Feldman, Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies


Hey, I’ve certainly been keeping busy over the past few weeks but I’ll hone in on this most recent week since a lot has been going on recently.


This week was the Fall Tiyul (trip/hike) that my yeshiva took down south to the Negev, and it was great. We stayed over for two nights in a beautiful Bedoin tent place with awesome food and amazing star gazing opportunities right outside. 


Mechinat Yeud

Mechinat Yeud

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