Yesod Chai Israel

Program Description

Chai Israel is designed for students who are interested in learning and growing in Israel but are looking for a more diverse Israel experience than a full time yeshiva. Their unique gap-year experience combines thought provoking classes, volunteering, touring, exciting excursions, Israeli culture and meaningful experiences—in  a  comfortable Jewish atmosphere. The program was created for post high school students who have decided to spend a semester or year in Israel discovering their heritage, their religion, their land and themselves. 
With the guidance of our professional educators and world renowned Rabbis, Chai Israel students can develop a life-long path that will enable them to intertwine modern society with traditional Jewish living. Chai Israel’s weekly schedule and academic curriculum caters to the diverse interests of nowadays teenagers. From paintball to basketball and from history to mysticism - Chai Israel students experience it all!
Chai Israel is a division of The Derech Institute of Ohr Somayach Tannenbaum College, internationally recognized for its excellence in Jewish education for over 30 years. As a program of Ohr Somayach, Chai Israel is recognized as an accredited institution of higher learning by the U.S. Department of Education and Religion. Chai Israel students who fulfill their course requirements will receive up to 36 credits issued by Ohr Somayach Tannenbaum College towards their college transcript. 

For more information, contact:

US or Canada: 1-416-800-0206
Israel: 052-801-6721



Netzer Year

Program Description

The Netzer Year (Shnat Netzer) is an exciting gap year in Israel for recent high school grads where you get to live on a kibbutz, take part in hands-on volunteering in Israeli communities, travel extensively throughout the country, study in Jerusalem, interact with Israelis, and more! The program involves intensive leadership training, Hebrew and Jewish immersion studies, service-learning, and communal living. The mission of Shnat Netzer is to develop leadership within the Netzer and the wider Jewish community while developing participants' understanding of, engagement with and commitment to Netzer's ideology. Through the Shnat Netzer experience we aim to create a Progressive Jewish and Reform Zionist hagshama experience, to develop an ongoing relationship with the land, people and State of Israel and to encourage the personal growth of the participants.

Throughout the program, participants live, volunteer and learn alongside their Netzer peers from around the world. Through our three engaging program components, you'll grow as a person, a leader and a Reform Jew. During the first month of the program, participants live on a kibbutz with the entire group, taking part in Hebrew studies, volunteering, touring, and experiential programs. After this, participants choose between volunteering in a community in northern Israel, or living and working on a Reform kibbutz in the Arava region. During the third section of the program, participants live in Jerusalem, choosing between one of two experiential education programs to learn about Israel, leadership, Judaism, and Zionism in a diverse community of young leaders.


Shnat Netzer helps recent high school graduates develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become leaders in their movement, community and college back home. It offers participants the chance for personal development, opportunities to study Jewish and Zionist ideals, and a structured environment to learn about the Progressive Movement’s principles and ideology. Shnat Netzer is an exciting, challenging and stimulating way to spend a year in Israel.  Participants experience:

   Progressive Judaism and Zionism in practice
   Self-discovery
   Leadership
   Learning Hebrew
   Tikkun Olam and Social Action projects
   Being a part of an international program
   Adventure                
   Excitement
   Independence


Shnat Netzer broadens the horizons and offers an opportunity for self-discovery and what it means to be Jewish and live in Israel. Participants form life-long friendships both with peers in the Shnat Netzer group and with other Jews from around the world whom they will meet and live with during the year. The year is spent with participants from all over the world, including South Africa, Australia, North America, Germany, Spain, and England. Together the participants will be able to develop skills and share experiences to help them become experienced and knowledgeable leaders.

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Young Judaea - Year Course

Program Description

Young Judaea Year Course offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in all aspects of Israeli life and culture: learning Hebrew, interacting with your Israeli peers, developing an appreciation for your Jewish heritage, and exploring Israel through a variety of different volunteer placements. You will spend one-third of your program in each of three locations in Israel: Jerusalem, Bat Yam, and the Negev.
The program also includes a number of optional “Extras” including weekly siyurim (field trips), special seminars, tiyulim (hikes), cultural and social activities, additional international travel opportunities, a Family Tour and more! Specialty Tracks allow participants to customize their year in Israel in a very personal way, inspiring them to explore Israel on their own terms.

Specialty Tracks and add-ons:

- Arts
- Business
- Politics & Journalism
- Sports
- Medical
- Shevet
- Shalem
- Olami (world travel)
- Tikkun Olam - Rwanda

For more information, contact:

Casey Baker 
(p): (212) 303-7439
(f): (212) 303-7411

Yeshivat Lev HaTorah

Program Description

Yeshivat Lev HaTorah is a full-time Torah learning program. Our mission is to nurture inspired, confident, well-rounded bnei Torah with the skills to learn independently, while simultaneously developing a deep devotion to Eretz Yisrael, Medinat Yisrael, and the entire Jewish community.
For a well-rounded Jewish life, study of Talmud is not enough.  A deep understanding of Judaism requires a global study that begins with Tanach and includes the wisdom of the Jewish philosophers and the halachic decisions of recent rabbinic authorities. As a complement to our intensive, skills-oriented Talmud curriculum, students take in-depth high-level classes in Tanach, Jewish Philosophy, Practical Halacha, Religious Zionism, and Tefila. In each class, teachers expose their students to a wide range of opinions and perspectives - encouraging students to recognize the validity of multiple approaches. The positive, all encompassing atmosphere at Lev HaTorah encourages students to think deeply about their beliefs and intuitions without scorning those that disagree with them. The well-rounded curriculum leads to refined, thoughtful, and open-minded students.  The ability to study independently and think creatively about Torah texts enables students to make learning a lifetime pursuit. To this end, we focus our curriculum on the building of strong textual and conceptual skills.
With the guidance of our staff, our students plan and implement community service projects  - giving them the experience and insight to continue serving the community effectively for the rest of their lives. Learning Hebrew, touring the land, and interacting with the people of Israel engage talmidim as 'citizens of Israel' throughout their year of study.



Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim

Program Description

Ohr Yerushalayim is a Beit Midrash program for students from the United States and other Anglo-Saxon countries who wish to spend a year or more of intensive study in Israel.  It is located on Moshav Beit Meir, a religious moshav situated in the Judean hills, about 9 miles from Jerusalem off the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway.  
Its goal is to emphasize the primacy of high level Torah study and love of Klal Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael. The primary objective of Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim is to provide its students with a highly intensive learning atmosphere in combination with very personalized instruction. The emphasis of study at Ohr Yerushalayim is on the acquisition of the requisite learning skills for proper independent study.  
A deep-rooted love of Eretz Yisrael is developed via a number of tiyulim, Shabbatonim and field trips throughout the country, plus contact with the moshav adjoining the yeshiva.


Our Impact

What a Difference a Year Makes: Masa Israel Journey is Changing the Way Young Jews View Israel

What a Difference a Year Makes: Masa Israel Journey is Changing the Way Young Jews View Israel

What a Difference a Year Makes: Masa Israel Journey is Changing the Way Young Jews View Israel

January 1, 2012

Masa helps students strengthen their Jewish identity and develop a lifelong love of Israel.
While a good percentage of Orthodox high school graduates flock to the Holy Land each fall, there are tens of thousands more who don’t even care to go.
Masa Israel Journey is helping to change that.
“I didn’t see much value in spending a year in Israel,” says Sarah Alt, eighteen, who attended public high school in Buffalo, New York. “I figured it was just a year to hang out.” She planned instead to study music at Buffalo State University. Alt was involved with NCSY, the Orthodox Union’s phenomenally successful youth movement. NCSY advisors in her region convinced her that the year in Israel was something definitely worth her time.
Although still wary, she went, thanks to the support she received from Masa Israel Journey. “I was so nervous getting on the plane,” she says. “I was like—what am I doing? I don’t like learning!” After her year at Machon Maayan, she changed her tune. “I just loved seeing the country,” she says. “I gained a great love for learning, for Israel, for my fellow Jew, and for what it means to be a Jew.”

Yeshivat Aderes HaTorah

Program Description

Yeshiva Aderes Hatorah was founded by Rabbi Senter on the belief that every student with a desire to excel in his learning deserves the attention and support needed to truly do so.
At the center of our educational philosophy is the conviction that an individual must be guided in a way that is uniquely tailored to his particular disposition and needs. The yeshiva focuses on working with each individual as a whole. This includes helping them achieve in their studies, ensuring that their physical needs are met, and facilitating an overall sense of happiness and confidence within each and every student.
The yeshiva campus is located in Jerusalem in beautiful new facilities. The campus contains a Beis Medrash, kitchen, dining room, dorm rooms, an exercise room, and a computer room. There is an extremely close connection between the faculty and student bodies. This is enabled by a large number of staff on hand, as well as the limited amount of students per class.
There is an importance placed on extracurricular activities as well. School trips, barbeques, and ball playing are all part of the experience. At the end of the semester, the Yeshiva travels to different European destinations for what always turns out to be an incredible learning experience. These activities are used to rejuvenate the spirit, as well as to create a feeling of unity among students and staff alike.
The Rosh yeshiva places an emphasis on the students continued connection with the Yeshiva. He is in constant contact with the alumni who have returned to the United States by email and phone, as well as group and personal meetings when he is in the States. The students continued growth even after they have left the yeshiva is extremely important to him. The learning experience in Yeshiva Aderes Hatorah is never over.

Hanoar Hatzioni - Shnat Hachshara UK

Program Description


Israel Challenge

Program Description

Israel Challenge is a non-profit ideological organization, committed to strengthening Jewish/Zionist Identity among world Jewry by way of a five-month program in Israel. We offer young people a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Israeli culture within the framework of service and education. On this program, participants go through their own challenging and rewarding personal journeys in a group environment. 
Israel Challenge offers diverse possibilities for a hands-on experience through instructive and inspirational projects. Our basic five-month curriculum is divided into three stages, allowing each participant the freedom to choose amongst a series of options for each stage. These stages include volunteering in kibbutzim, "Marva" an army basic training course, MDA (Magen David Adom), social volunteering all combined with trips and excursions throughout Israel. Israel Challenge also offer participants a series of specialized courses to choose from: Security-self Defense, Mediterranean Cuisine, Photography, Scuba Diving/Water Sports and more!
Israel Challenge offers each participant a wide array of options, giving each and every one the possibility to "choose his/her own adventure." The program is "tailor-made" to the precise necessities and interests of each participant.
Operated in Spanish. Visit Israel Challenge - English Track for details on the English-speaking program.