3,000 Masa Israel Participants Gather for End-of-Year Conference

3,000 Masa Israel Participants Gather for End-of-Year Conference

3,000 Masa Israel Participants Gather for End-of-Year Conference

May 23, 2013

3,000 young Jews from around the world, participants in long-terms programs through Masa Israel Journey, attended the Masa Israel Journey Conference and End of 2012-2013 Academic Year Event at the Jerusalem International Convention Centre this past Monday.
JERUSALEM, ISRAEL: The Masa program participants were addressed by the Israeli Minister of the Economy, Naftali Bennett, and Chairman of Executive of The Jewish Agency for Israel, Natan Sharansky. They also participated in a panel discussion with the outstanding Israeli sportsmen and women Ariel "Arik" Ze'evi, Karen Leibowitz, and Andi Ram. 
Olympic medalist, judoka Arik Ze'evi said, “After a year in Israel, you will be the best ambassadors for our country.”
Naftali Bennett, Minister of the Economy said: “I salute those of you who are planning on making Aliyah. We need every one of you. For those of you that are planning to return home, I am certain that after a year here, the State of Israel will remain close to your hearts and that you will continue to visit us.”
Natan Sharansky held an open dialogue with the students during which he told them: “Masa participants discover their roots while visiting Israel and they discover that the Jewish people is one family. It is very important to us that you feel part of our family and that you represent us upon your return home.”
Masa Israel Journey is a joint project of Government of Israel and The Jewish Agency for Israel. Its aim is to strengthen the connection between young Jews around the world and the State of Israel.  Participants spend 5-10 months in Israel and can choose from a wide range of programs involving volunteer work, studying or professional internships.  Over 10,000 young Jews from 60 countries participate in Masa programs each year. Upon their return to their home countries, many graduates become involved with their local Jewish communities and become ambassadors for Israel.

What Magen David Adom Has Done for Me

<div class="masa-blog-title">What Magen David Adom Has Done for Me</div>

By Adi Genosaur, Young Judaea Year Course
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine doing the things I’ve done in the past two months. My name is Adi Genosar, and I am a 19-year-old Israeli, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. I am currently in Israel on a gap year Masa program called Young Judaea Year Course. On Year Course, I was afforded the opportunity to volunteer with Magen David Adom for a short period. MDA was never something I saw myself being able to do.

Masa Israel Commemorates Israel's Fallen on Yom Hazikaron

Masa Israel Commemorates Israel's Fallen on Yom Hazikaron

April 15, 2013

Last night, Masa held a moving Yom HaZikaron ceremony for over 4,000 of its participants at the historic site of Latrun. Together, we honored Israel's fallen.
Speaking to 5,000 Masa Israel Journey participants at a Remembrance Day for Fallen Soldiers ceremony, Chairman of The Jewish Agency for Israel Natan Sharansky said, "While in the Soviet prison, … I thought about the three Israeli sportsmen who had visited Russia and had bravely met with us. They told us that Israel was a place of great joy."
"I later heard that one of the three was killed in the Yom Kippur war. But, mostly I thought about Yoni Netanyahu. The fact that the State of Israel was prepared to send its soldiers to rescue Jews all over the world gave me great strength. Yoni was 29 when he was killed and was 29 when I was arrested. Every time that I felt that I didn’t have the strength to keep resisting the authorities, I thought about Yoni Netanyahu and it gave me the strength to keep going."
Minister of Econonmy Naftali Bennett also addressed the participants:

Seminaire Orthodoxe Francophone - Beera Chel Myriam


Program Description

This program is conducted in French.



Program Description

"give yourself the opportunity of personal growth in a significant frame work, and leave your footprint on our homeland."


 The new Tzameret Gap Year program is a unique 10-month service learning experience in the beautiful desert city of Arad for post- high school students. With Tzameret, you live, work and study side-by-side with Israeli peers to make social change within Israel.


Volunteer: Take action through community service and develop skills as you explore your interests. Help with the absorption of new immigrants from Ethiopia; teach high-risk students at the local high school; guide youth at the local community centers and lead various community projects.


Learn: Once a week we stop working and look inwards. Come learn with us about our Jewish heritage, ask questions about the Jewish identity and find answers for what it means to you.


Experience: Feel the vibrant culture, visit spectacular sites, explore nature, and participate in Israeli life through holiday celebrations, arts and music, and trips to all five regions of Israel.


Connect: Live, work and study in the same community and gain a real world connection to Israeli society and its people.





Lamidbar: Desert Learning Community


Program Description

LaMidbar is a five-month residential, educational Masa Israel program designed for 21–30 year olds. Participants will join a unique desert community and undertake a personal journey of self-enrichment and deepening self-awareness. 
LaMidbar participants will join a farm work team from early morning until lunch time (organic fruit orchards, vegetable gardens, or date plantation, caring for the goats or making goats’ cheese). In the afternoons participants will enjoy a diversity of enrichment courses: apprenticeship in the Art Center (in wood, metal or glass), green building, Hebrew language, and Jewish identity. In addition, guided group meetings provide a forum for raising questions, listening to other participants, and engaging in dialogue.
All program components provide an arena to learn new skills, to work with the land or with natural materials, and also serve as a basis for observation, connection and growth arising from our daily interactions with people and the environment. 


*Apprenticeship- Amazing opportunity for gaining art skills in carpentry, metal- smithing or stained glass with a local artisan in Israel's unique art center.
*Community- Become a part of our community and experience, observe and explore a unique model for successful community building. 
*Green Skills- Work and learn as part of a professional work-team in the fields of: organic agriculture, goat husbandry, goats’ cheese making, organic vegetable garden, organic date cultivation.
*Ecological Development- Learn to build using local materials and green building techniques suited to the desert environment. Build with straw bales, mud and clay plaster. Learn how to generate energy from organic waste.
*Deepen Self Understanding- Through the forum of group meetings develop tools for personal growth by asking questions, reflecting on daily experiences, exploring what interests you in daily work and interactions.
*Leadership development- Reflect on and develop your unique leadership style through empowerment opportunities such as leading group projects or work teams.


Under-reacting Like an Israeli

<div class="masa-blog-title">Under-reacting Like an Israeli</div>


By Danielle Blustein, Masa Israel Media Fellows




Hear participants talk about their daily life, take a virtual tour of your favorite program, and watch your semester of year in Israel unfold in front of you




400 Emerging Jewish Leaders Gather in Jerusalem for Masa Israel Leadership Summit

400 Emerging Jewish Leaders Gather in Jerusalem for Masa Israel Leadership Summit

400 Emerging Jewish Leaders Gather in Jerusalem for Masa Israel Leadership Summit

March 12, 2013

This week, nearly 400 students, interns, volunteers and gap year participants from all over the world have gathered in Jerusalem for an intensive week of social activism and community organizing training at the Masa Israel Leadership Summit.
Now in its third year, the Masa Israel Leadership Summit provides training, tools and networking opportunities to young adults who are in Israel for five months to a year on gap year and post college programs and have demonstrated a commitment to leadership. By partnering with renowned educational organizations such as Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life and PresenTense, Masa Israel is providing cutting-edge programming for summit attendees, and valuable contacts for them when they return to campuses and Jewish communities in their home countries and pursue leadership roles.
Participants are exploring topics focusing entrepreneurship, social activism and community organizing strategy within the context of Israel and Jewish engagement, with the curriculum facilitated by staff and educators from Hillel, Teach for America, Moishe House, Sixth & I Synagogue and others.
A joint project of the Government of Israel and The Jewish Agency for Israel, Masa provides over 100 enrichment activities each year for participants and alumni that inspire these young adults to join the next generation of Jewish communal leaders. In a 2010 study by Dr. Steven M. Cohen and Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz that surveyed over 13,000 young Jewish adults, a full 45% of those who participated in both a short-term and long-term program in Israel were “seriously considering or have considered a Jewish career,” compared to merely 12% for those who completed only one short-term program in Israel.
Prior Masa Israel Leadership Summit delegates have gone on to become interns and professionals at Hillels, Jewish Federations and nonprofit organizations, and have actively continued developing their ideas for innovation in the Jewish community through PresenTense fellowships and the ROI Community.

Originally published in E-Jewish Philanthropy

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