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Gap Year

Avy Leghziel">Avy Leghziel

Segment Director - Jewish Studies Programs (Jerusalem)

Avy Leghziel made Aliyah from Rome, Italy, nine years ago and lives now in Jerusalem with his wife Rajel and with their baby boy, Natan Shalom.

He works in Masa as Director of the Jewish Studies Programs and Educational Coordinator.

Avy's been working as an educator, project manager and consultant for World Jewry for the last decade; before joining Masa he worked for World Bnei Akiva, for their year programs and as the director of the Chinuch and Aliyah Department.

Avy has a BA in Psychology and Sociology from Bar Ilan University and he's currently learning his MA in Contemporary Jewry and Social Education at the Schechter Institute.

Ruth Alfandary">Ruth Alfandary

Segment Director - Academic Programs (Jerusalem)

Ruth has held various and diverse product management, sales and marketing positions in leading companies – both in the startup ecosystem as well as in corporates. Before Joining Masa, she worked for Genome Compiler, a startup which was sold to Twist Bioscience. Before that, she led the Cardiac Patients Remote Monitoring field in Israel (at Biotronik).


Ruth holds an MBA with emphasis on Marketing and Research from the IDC Herzliya, and a B.Sc. in Medical Sciences with emphasis on Neurobiology & Physiology from Ben-Gurion University. She loves travelling, photography and music, and collects old vinyl records.

Anaelle Bronstein">Anaelle Bronstein

Segment Director - Career Development & Special Intrest Prog



Anaelle Bronstein has been involved with Masa Israel programs for the past 4 years and is now the Director of Professional Development Programs. She is passionate about the development of young professionals from around the world and growing Masa’s partnerships with the Israeli market. She loved being a part of the Masa professional ecosystem in Israel.

Ofer Gutman">Ofer Gutman

Director of Marketing and Sales (Jerusalem)

Ofer is the Director of Marketing & Sales of Masa Israel Journey. Ofer was born and raised in Tivon, a town in Northern Israel. During his army service, he served as a fighter on a battleship in the Israel Defense Forces. From 2004-2008, he was the Central Shaliach (emissary) of the World Zionist Organization in North America, working to bring Israel to the campuses across the continent and the campuses to Israel. When he finished his Shlichut Ofer joined Israel Way, an educational tourism company and was the Director of its long term & Masa programs department. Ofer was also a delegate to the 44th & 46th World Zionist Congress. He was a member of the extended executive board of the World Zionist Organization as well as a member of the Israeli board of the World Jewish Congress.

Ofer has an L.L.B. degree and he is an attorney. He has worked in the Israel Religious Action Center, a part of the Reform movement, dealing with civil rights in Israel and helping new Olim (immigrants) with legal issues. In the past, he was also the CEO of Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) Community, a none profit organization who works with underprivileged communities in Israel, to change the social realty through many educational and social projects.

Sara Eisen">Sara Eisen

Chief of Communications (Jerusalem)

Sara Eisen joined the Masa Israel team as Chief Communications Officer in January 2015, after a four-year tenure as Head of Marketing Content at The Jewish Agency.

Before life in non-profit, she was an independent marcom and content consultant and copywriter, working with both established corporations and startups, which are still a passion of hers. She co-founded two startups, and has also worked as a journalist in the fields of hi-tech, lifestyle, and culture, and was a blogger ( before everyone was a blogger.

A veteran olah ('93), Sara holds a degree in Psychology and English.

Dr. Tal Bruck Evental">Dr. Tal Bruck Evental

Director of Development & Operations in Israel (Jerusalem)

Tal is a biologist with a PhD in genetics from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. She has worked for Masa for three years, where she served for over two years as Chief of Staff. She took up her current position in 2016. She is also responsible for all data analysis within Masa.


She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and two children.