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October 13, 2015

Masa Israel alum Joel Wanger (left) with colleagues from the Hillary for America, Nevada team 


In the competitive world of political campaigns, resumes from political science majors with internship and campaign experience are a dime a dozen. For Masa Israel Journey alum and Hillary for America Nevada Regional Organizing Director Joel Wanger, his year as an Israel Government Fellow in 2011-2012 made all the difference.

“Israel Government Fellows gave me unique experiences to have on my resume that set me apart from other political science students who were applying for the same types of jobs,” Joel, who is originally from Crofton, Maryland said.


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September 30, 2015

The etrog, also known as the citron, is one of four plants mentioned in the Torah in association with Sukkot, or the Feast of the Tabernacles.

But, what can you do with your etrog after Sukkot, when it’s fulfilled its ceremonial purpose? Why, you can eat it, of course!

Here are four of the tastiest recipes that we came across for repurposing your etrog:

1. Candied Etrog

alt="candied etrog citron"

Via David Lebovitz


Satiate your weet tooth.


2. Etrog Jam


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