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Posted May 4th, 2016
A Yom Ha’Shoa tribute to my late grandmother (Esther Klein, 1918-2011), who did more than survive Auschwitz and Ravensbruck:  She defeated them.   To truly do justice to Esther Klein, I ought to invite you to my kitchen as I tell you about her. I would seat you in the corner on a rickety step stool, play some swing music, and let you peel some potatoes for my soup, or very slowly add the ground nuts into the egg whites for the...
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Posted May 2nd, 2016
Written by Benjamin Hirschman, Masa Israel Teaching Fellows - Beersheva   After University in the states, it seems logical, even a cultural norm, to start your career and gain “valuable experience”. I started this process for about two years at a wonderful company, and very much enjoyed the majority of it. I feel I have a knack and sense of enjoyment for sales, marketing and entrepreneurship and wish to return to a career in the...
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Posted April 28th, 2016
From a very early age, Gidon Frank has had a strong connection to the Jewish community in his hometown of Toronto, Ontario Canada.   A graduate of Associated Hebrew Schools of Toronto and Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto, Gidon graduated from Brock University in 2011. During his time in university, he helped grow the Jewish Student Association and became very involved with several local Jewish organizations. With the help of Masa...
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Posted April 21st, 2016
From desalination to solar energy, irrigation, and literally making the desert bloom, Israelis know a thing or two about green tech and sustainability. Masa Israel Journey’s environmental programs provide academic, volunteer, and professional opportunities for young adults to gain hands-on experience in sustainable building, organic farming, permaculture, and more. In honor of this year's Earth Day, grab your hiking boots and get...
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