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January 16, 2014
While living in Israel, Masa participants engage in all facets of Israeli society. Some volunteers and interns choose to work with the asylum seeker population of Israel. This is one participant's take on the recent asylum seeker protests in Jerusalem.
By Leah Rosenberg, Tikkun Olam in Tel Aviv - Jaffa Social Action Track
On December 15th over 150 African refugees from Sudan and Eritrea marched from a detention facility in Israel’s Negev to the Knesset in Jerusalem to fight for their lives. More than 50,000 Africans have come to Israel in the past decade, fleeing civil war, oppressive regimes, and ethnic cleansing. Many were smuggled to the Israeli border by Bedouin kidnappers who subjected them to physical and psychological torture. Upon arriving in Israel, over four hundred such asylum seekers have been imprisoned for...
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January 16, 2014
By Alisa Wills, on Masa Israel's SEE Galilee program
Before having ever stepped foot in Israel, I signed up for a long-term program without a second thought. I wish I could say I knew about the culture, had family and friends here, and new what I was getting myself into. But the truth is, I didn’t know or have any of these: just an overwhelming feeling that since it was Israel, everything would be alright.
I can’t say exactly what I expected, because my knowledge of the country was so limited. I definitely thought we would be going to a remote area and helping an impoverished population, which I think also speaks to my lack of understanding of the country. For SEE Galilee, I had a vision for...
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