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September 24, 2013
God made Adam out of clay, and clay we remain. Bodies are doughy and malleable, and every morning you wake a fresh, blank slab. You can’t quite remember exactly what you are, what you look like, how it feels to be you; so every day you change, slowly, subtly, until your original self is forgotten. Parents enjoy fashioning their children’s faces and shaping them fat, round cheeks and delicate seashell ears, while across a lifetime, the elderly desperately force their sagging faces upward, fighting a daily battle against the reality of age.
How, then, do we form a sense of self at all? The answer lies in the nature of our souls. The soul is our anchor, our...
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August 06, 2013
My name is Natanya Meyer and I am repairing the world. Today is Wednesday and I am walking to my "Moadonit" activity center, balancing a sack full of art supplies between my arms and my bright blue guitar on my back. When I arrive, 16 eager children run to the gate to greet me, clapping their hands, and chanting their favorite song, as they do every week since I began more than six months ago. I smile and marvel at their remarkable memory. Today is music day. 
As a Chicago-area native who benefitted from a strong upbringing in the Reform movement, spending my year in Israel was the natural "next step" after University. My love of Judaism and passion for the Jewish community is powerfully connected to Tikkun Olam, our social responsibility...
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