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July 02, 2014
by Maria Olshanskaya, WUJS Israel intern
Even if you’ve been to Israel a dozen times, the seemingly kitschy exhibit at Mini Israel might reveal to you the hidden gems you’ve been missing on prior visits.  Mini-Israel is a tourist attraction situated about half-way between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem on the outskirts of Latrun, a Trappist Monastery famous for its delicious wines and the nearby “Yad Lashirion” memorial and museum for Israel’s tank units.  As one might imagine, the park contains a number of 2-5 foot models of many of Israel’s iconic sites amongst which you can walk to get a feel for the whole country in a short time.  The exhibits are visually stunning and many have audio elements as well.  There are mini cars and buses driving on mini roads, mini people walking and chatting at...
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June 23, 2014

By Erica Barnell, Israel Way Tel Aviv Internship Experience

The bus came to a halt in an open parking lot outside Herzliya. From the window I could see a banner that read “The Peres Center for Peace - Mini World Cup.”  I gathered with seven other volunteers from my Masa Israel program, Israel Way Tel Aviv Internship Experience, and we were briefed on our job descriptions for the day.  I was given a neon green shirt that read STAFF, a folder with a French flag and a roster listing my team of ten kids - five from the West Bank and five from Ashkelon.  The facilitators explained that this event was a coexistence exercise for children from different backgrounds and our job was to integrate the kids as best as we could and just have a good time. 


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