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June 30, 2015

By Taylor King, Masa Israel Teaching Fellows in Netanya


It’s hard to find an organization that is so dedicated to the people it serves.


And, like several of my posts have done in the past, I must give credit for an organization that has given me more than I have ever deserved: Masa Israel Journey.


Masa Israel had emailed me back in March inviting me to apply to be a member of their delegation to the 2015 AJC ACCESS Summit held in Washington, D.C. I debated if I should even apply, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. Two days after my 26th birthday, Masa accepted me as a member of the delegation. I booked my flights and patiently waited for June to arrive.


After an easy flight to D.C., I headed to the Capital Hilton near Dupont Circle. I was thankful to be rooming with Erika, a girl in my group at the 2013 Masa...

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June 19, 2015

As programs wind down and Masa Israel participants prepare to head home, here are a few ideas for last-minute Father’s Day gifts to pick up before heading to the airport:


1. A cheesy tourist t-shirt


alt="hebrew coca cola shirt"

via israeli-T

It’s not his fault that Masa Israel wasnt around when he was younger, but he can still look like one of the cool kids.


2. A kippa that makes a statement


alt="kippa man jerusalem"


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June 02, 2015

By Jennifer Blitz, Masa Israel Teaching Fellows in Petach Tikvah alumna


If it wasn’t for a doting mother looking for a pair of board shorts for her son, the extent of my Hebrew knowledge might still be “Shalom.” 

Having just earned my master’s degree in childhood education I spent the summer of 2013 applying for a myriad of teaching positions in New York City. My daily sense of panic in regards to my future was at an all-time high and I took a part time job at a surf shop to keep myself afloat during my job hunt.

“Let me know if I can help you with anything,” I said to a customer who didn’t quite fit the mold of our typical clientele. She explained that she was looking for a pair of drawstring...

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