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October 02, 2013
I officially started teaching today. As my teaching partner, Brian was out of the country in order to attend a wedding in the States, I was by myself. I was worried that my students would have forgotten about me—seeing as I only visited them twice last month—but I had no reason to be worried as my students remembered me. I had such an amazing day.
During my first class, I worked with a girl by helping her to read and write about The Great Fire of London. Reading with a non-English speaker forces me to slow down my own English (I talk quickly) and really examine the letters in each word. The girl and I also worked on writing sentences with the main vocabulary words in the story. The story was a history lesson for me as well because I was never...
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September 24, 2013
God made Adam out of clay, and clay we remain. Bodies are doughy and malleable, and every morning you wake a fresh, blank slab. You can’t quite remember exactly what you are, what you look like, how it feels to be you; so every day you change, slowly, subtly, until your original self is forgotten. Parents enjoy fashioning their children’s faces and shaping them fat, round cheeks and delicate seashell ears, while across a lifetime, the elderly desperately force their sagging faces upward, fighting a daily battle against the reality of age.
How, then, do we form a sense of self at all? The answer lies in the nature of our souls. The soul is our anchor, our...
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