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November 28, 2007
By David E. Kaplan
For young adults fresh out of college, the world is an oyster. Before finding a fulltime job, taking a mortgage and joining the daily grind, thousands of college graduates choose to head to the four corners of the world to discover and explore.
"It's an extension of our education," one could say, whether standing in Trafalgar square, on the upper peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro or on the sunny deck on a yacht in the Mediterranean.
And if that college graduate is Jewish, the most obvious and enriching option is Israel. Who knows how that could change his or her life?
"Did you see the recent article in Haaretz on WUJS weddings?" asks Alon Friedman, the director of the WUJS Institute in Arad. "Yes, they had a whole piece and photos of college graduates who met their future partners at WUJS....
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November 07, 2007
By Josh Blatman, OTZMA
Israelis talk about Israel as though the only good parts about it are Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  That makes for some legitimate tourist congestion, but it’s also not entirely accurate.  Jerusalem is obviously very religious, and heavily historic; while Tel Aviv is a bustling international center of consumerism in the Middle East.  Living in Be'er Sheva, however, has made me realize this city has a feel all its own.
Be’er Sheva is located in the northern-most area of the Negev, Israel’s desert. There is no doubt these other cities have culture sights worth seeing and experiencing, but after living in Be'er Sheva for the last six weeks (with four more to go), I’ve seen and experienced some neat things you probably wouldn’t find anywhere else in Israel. ...
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