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May 05, 2010
Over 3,000 participants attended the Masa Israel Journey mega-conference in Jerusalem on May 2, 2010, a day-long event featuring seminars on “next steps” for participants, many of whom are preparing to leave Israel and return to their Jewish communities across the globe. The event also featured addresses by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky.
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April 27, 2010
By Jared Hakimi, Gap Year Recruitment Coordinator
An increasing number of colleges and universities are offering second-semester acceptances to some of their applicants, a result of record-breaking numbers of applicants and shrinking budgets. Spring acceptances allow schools to balance the number of new admittees with those students that graduate early or transfer out mid-year.
There aren’t official statistics about how many second-semester acceptances universities issued this application season, but the trend seems to be spreading through a number of colleges and universities. 
Even the University of Southern California in Los Angeles admitted 700 incoming freshman for the Spring semester. If you were...
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