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April 09, 2013
By Ayal Feinberg, M.A. in Conflict Strategy and Diplomacy at Herzliya IDC
THE LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP. Like many American Jews, I grew up with an intense infatuation with Israel. My youth, from JCC camp to Israeli carnivals to spring vacations on Tel Aviv’s beautiful beaches, was shaped by a desire to explore and share what I considered an incredible culture.
This Israel fixation was only solidified in high school and college with the realization that many people didn’t accept my narrative. While passionately standing up to Israel’s detractors on campus, the same thought always leapt into my mind: if these people only knew Israel like I had they would never be articulating such fabrications. One thing led to another and my Israel addiction turned into a professional pursuit. I found myself living with my safta and studying for my MA in diplomacy...
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March 28, 2013


By Danielle Blustein, Masa Israel Media Fellows


Everyone thinks they know the "typical Israeli." They wake up to a huge Israeli style breakfast, omlettelady complete, leave their beautiful house made of Jerusalem stone and head off to work where they will either cure cancer, make a computer so smart that the world starts worrying about The Terminator having an Israeli accent and a nice tan, or simply yell at people on the phone all day because hey, "they're Israeli!"    


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