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December 08, 2005
By Roni Ben David, OTZMA
Before I left I didn't expect to be riding a bus in Israel.  But just last week I found myself climbing aboard bus #6 and handing my four shekels to the bus driver, who was exchanging cheerful greetings with the school girls behind me.  I felt completely at ease as we rode past the eggshell-white homes and date palms that line the streets of Ashkelon.
This was not the first time that I have found my previous perceptions of life in Israel proven wrong.  Even as I defended my choice to spend ten months in Israel as a participant of Project Otzma to family and friends, I was secretly harboring my own reservations, shaped by violent televsion images and tragic newspaper headlines.  I expected Israelis to be nervous, depressed, and somewhat biter.  I assumed that my freedom in Israel would be limited,...
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