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January 02, 2014
By Nicole Hertzberg, Israel Teaching Fellow in Petach Tikva
Before the Masa Israel Leadership Summit, I felt that my resume did not indicate extensive Jewish leadership.  In high school I was involved in BBYO, but I never held any significant positions.  In college, my involvement with Jewish organizations consisted of attending Shabbat dinners at Hillel and attending a few “American Movement for Israel” meetings if I had the time.  My main involvement on the University of Michigan campus was within the Greek community and Model United Nations.  Being a leader in those communities and always feeling very proud to be Jewish, I considered myself a leader and a Jew as two separate entities.  I thought that in order to be considered a “Jewish leader” you had to be a leader in some domain related to Judaism.  
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December 31, 2013
We’ve come to that time in the (Gregorian) calendar when we take a moment to stop, reflect on the previous 365 days, and make promises to ourselves to become better people in the year to come. Though these promises are made with the best of intentions, New Year’s resolutions are notoriously easy to break--research shows that just 8% of us actually succeed in achieving our New Year’s Resolutions. 
Want to finally join that elite 8% this year? Here are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions and some ideas on how to keep them this year. 
1. Get into shape
Losing weight and getting healthy top many people’s...
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