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May 28, 2010

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May 27, 2010
by Sarit Tolzis, Cleveland, OH, Young Judaea Year Course alum
For as long as I can remember, spending a year in Israel after graduation was considered an automatic norm. I attended a modern-Orthodox Jewish Day School in Cleveland that teaches Judaic Studies as part of its curriculum, and where almost all the students spend a year in Israel before college. I had been to Israel several times before: I had trekked up Masada at sunrise with friends, enjoyed the sun of the Eilat beach with siblings, and solemnly paraded to the Kotel on Shavuot night with family.
Typically, girls from my community attend seminaries. But when senior year approached, I realized that I didn’t want to attend a yeshiva in an American neighborhood with American teachers and...
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May 26, 2010
By Eriana Rivera-Rozo, Intensive Arabic Semester
It cannot be denied that Israelis have a strong pioneer spirit. It was on the sweat and blood of the many waves of immigrants that this country was founded. Although the days of the first kibbutzim are past, the pioneer flame still burns in the eyes of every Israeli that moves this nation forward toward its economic, political, intellectual and diplomatic betterment. It the large cities of the Merkaz it is easy to see a modern version of the pioneer spirit within the hustle and bustle of start-up companies and fast-paced business.
Some may argue that it is in this area that the fate of the country is forged, but  this would ignore a crucial segment of the population; the Periphery. It is in these areas of the country that the original pioneer spirit of...
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