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August 01, 2013
By Samantha Sisisky, Yahel Social Change Program
I’m entering my last week in Gedera, and I’m not sure how to feel about it.  This weekend, we had our final group Shabbat weekend.  We ate a beautiful, delicious, watermelon-themed Shabbat dinner together, spent time at the beach and even received “awards” (does anyone else think I have a flair for the overdramatic?).  As everyone in my house now knows, I love when things come full circle.  Not only do I love full circles, I need them.  I feel that it’s the only way to get the closure I need to move onto the next chapter of my life.  Having this final Shabbat echoed our first Shabbat as a group, in September.  I led an activity during that Shabbat that we closed up this past weekend.
During our first group Shabbat, I...
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June 05, 2013
By Alison Goren, Saving the Stones
Window dressings, throw pillows, handmade kiln dried Italian leather chaise, and the latest Kravet fabric trimmings.  While studying interior architecture in Denver, Colorado, these were the things my classmates were most interested in. I, on the other hand, found my attention captured by sustainable design practices and their focus on adaptive reuse of historic structures.  After an opportunity to work on a community conservation project of a historic synagogue in a run-down neighborhood of Denver, I knew this was the field for me.
I had wanted to live in Israel since a Taglit-Birthright trip a year prior, and knew Masa Israel Journey could help me find the right way to do this.  My discovery of Saving the Stones was immediate, a practical...
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