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November 16, 2010
By Leora Lana Kaufman, Young Judaea Year Course, Rye, NY
This post would be way too long if I described everything in detail, so I’ll list a few highlights since Sukkot Break.
A few days after returning home from our break, nearly our entire section took a bus to the Dead Sea to attend a Matisyahu concert. The bus was noisy, packed, and short a few seats but we all made it there in one piece. The stage was in between rock formations that were lit up all different colors. Everybody in the audience joined Matisyahu in singing “One Day”—the energy of the crowd made the concert an awesome experience.
The next day a few friends and I biked into the middle of the desert, hoping to get a decent workout. We ended up getting just that, plus a special bonus....
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November 15, 2010
Last weekend ten of our program participants went to Jerusalem for a Security Issues Shabbaton sponsored by Masa Israel. The weekend featured speakers from security, military, and journalistic perspectives who brought professional expertise and personal experience to the conference. From Hezbollah to Hamas to Iran to the Security Barrier to the midterm elections in the states, the weekend offered a wide range of topics.
The pre-Shabbat tour of Jerusalem included a trip to Gilo, a Jewish community located outside of the Green Line, where a security expert from Haifa University showed the Security Barrier and the road to Gush Etzion. Participant Katie Vogel shares her reflection below:
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