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July 28, 2010
Allie Darrow of California spent five months interning at a microbrewery in Tel Aviv on Career Israel.
Israel has a magnetic effect on Allie Darrow.
Growing up in the Reform movement in the Bay Area, she first caught a whiff of Israeli culture through a synagogue youth group leader.
So when she had a chance to visit Israel for herself on a Birthright trip in 2009 she jumped at the chance. After that she was hooked.
“I’ve always wanted to come to Israel,” said the 25-year-old Californian who recently completed a five-month Career Israel program, one of the more than 180...
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July 26, 2010
By Adam Dembling, Tikkun Olam Tel Aviv Jaffa
I recently returned from five months of volunteer and study in Israel on a program called Tikun Olam in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.  As a volunteer on Tikun Olam, I found myself immersed in places and experiences that allowed me to work actively for change. For example, at the Israel Tennis Center-Jaffa, I taught tennis to a mixed group of Arabs and Jewish kids, who joined together as teammates to improve their play. I watched my group learn to work together both on the court and on the sidelines. Many of them did not grasp the significance of the group's diversity, but that was also the beauty of it.  When they entered the courts, the boundaries created by race and religion – so apparent in a tense city like Jaffa – disappeared.
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July 19, 2010
Over 50 Masa Israel alumni gathered on Sunday for a packed day of networking, discussions, and brainstorming at the Masa Israel Leadership Summit.
In addition to sessions on public speaking/presentation skills and Israel education, and participants heard from a panel of young Jewish innovators—most of whom spent time in Israel on multiple immersive experiences before starting their ventures.
Summit participants took time to brainstorm ideas for the future of the Masa Israel alumni community in North America, and using the tools they learned from the sessions and the panel, they began figuring out how to put their ideas into action.
Panelists spoke...
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