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July 22, 2007
By Rachel Schneider, Nativ
While most of my peers are entering college this fall, I am deferring for the year, to participate on Nativ, the Conservative Movement’s year long, post-high school leadership program in Israel for USY alumni.  
Many of the people with whom I speak about my plans are amazed by my “daring” and “brave” decision to live in a foreign country for an entire school year.  The truth is, Israel is not “foreign” to me; Israel has always seemed like a place I could comfortably call home.  This feeling of familiarity has been the basis for my decision to come to Israel. 
Some people might think that I am overly confident about my decision, but the truth is I am nervous.  I am nervous...
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July 03, 2007


By Jess Mauer, OTZMA
I was a late bloomer. I was, and although for some hard to believe, shy. And yes, sadly to admit there were many times of social awkwardness in my younger years. But I knew this way of life was not for me, and I slowly began to develop my identity of self. It started towards the end of high school. But really it wasn’t until college that I really felt it, I was finally – cool.
Once I began to feel comfortable with my individual self, and as everyone does during this large leap of self-awareness, I took on different traits to see how I could further develop Jess. There was Party Jess, Studious Jess, Social Butterfly Jess, Sexy Jess, and to draw in the topic at hand – Jewish Jess.
Now of course each of these strong aspects of my personality have some great and...
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May 21, 2007


By Alena Klimenko, Kesem al Yam Kinneret
When you're in the sky you feel like all the world is yours. "All the world," it sounds so magnificent. But what is the deeper meaning to this statement? Can the entire world become your home?
It is a special moment when you finally decide what your idea of home is for you. Your home feels like a castle where you are safe from the rest of the world. When defining home you must ask yourself, '"is home your birthplace or something more spiritual?"
Home - where you always smile.
Home - where you can come to your corner and cry.
Home – Your place.
For me, the feeling of a warm home and a spiritual home is not one in the same. I realized that I wasn't satisfied with what I had until I went on a trip to Israel.
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