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December 01, 2015

By Rachelle Lansky, Masa Israel Teaching Fellow in Rahat


When I thought about the idea of co-existence before coming to Rahat as a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow, I dreamed of a space where there were no boundaries, where all could be integrated through conversation as one collective culture. While I know this vision seems optimistic, what I’ve found while working in a Bedouin school is something that I never could have imagined before this experience.


"I am the only female walking to school who does not cover her hair or wear a Hijab. Yet, it does not matter."


Despite the...

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November 17, 2015

alt="alex willick"A native of Westport, Connecticut, Alex Willick holds a B.A. in Music and Philosophy from Colgate University and an M.A. in Jewish Experiential Education with concentrations in Israel education and Jewish communal leadership.

Over the past several years, Alex has lived in Israel as a participant of a Masa Israel volunteer fellowship, as well as a participant of the Kesher Hadash program under the advisement of Dr. Alex Sinclair.

Alex now lives in Oakland, California where he serves as Northwest Regional Field Director of J Street,...

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November 15, 2015

Photo Credit: Ariel Rubinstein, Masa Israel Teaching Fellow in Ashdod


By Marissa Steinhofer, Masa Israel Teaching Fellow in Ashdod

When I was first presented the idea of going to Kibbutz Kramim for Masa Israel Mifgashim Shabbaton, I was both excited and nervous. I knew it would be an interesting experience, but I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Being back on a kibbutz reminded me of my first time in Israel. My first experience in Israel, was my junior year of high...

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