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August 13, 2015

Masa Israel Journey's internships in Israel offer you the perfect combination of resume-boosting career development, personal growth, and life experience abroad. Find out what our alumni say are the top reasons to intern in Israel:


1. Real Responsibility, Serious Skill-Building

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“My internship with the Ministry of Defense has not been one of sitting in meetings listening with an admiration of just ‘being in the room,’ but one of setting up my own meetings and pushing forward my own initiatives.”



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August 10, 2015

Be’er Sheva is an oasis of cool in the hot Negev desert. Study abroad or earn your master’s degree at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and experience what this unique city offers:

1. Student Life


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via Ben-Gurion University Student Union


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July 31, 2015

After arriving in Asheklon in September 2009, Allison Wolkin Samis and Max Samis met during the Hebrew immersion placement exam for their Masa Israel Journey volunteer experience. Neither of the two strangers knew much Hebrew. They didn’t even have to wait for their test results to find out that they were placed in kita aleph, the beginners’ class. So, they left the exam and headed to their first volunteer project.

The new acquaintances were paired with two local volunteers to deliver Rosh Hashanah meals for families in need. Throughout their deliveries, Max and Allie began talking and getting to know one another.

“A few weeks later, during the Sukkot break, Allie was going to Egypt with a few people and invited...

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