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January 13, 2015

Yet again, Kim Kardashian managed to “break the internet” with the announcement that she, Kourtney and Khloe are buying a swank apartment just minutes from the Tel Aviv beach for a cool $30 million.
We know these sisters cause a frenzy no matter which city they’re in – and we have a few ideas of how they should live it like a local in the White City.
1. The Kardashians open a pop-up DASH store on Shenkin Street.
2. Kim works out at an outdoor gym on Frishman Beach (in a corset).
3. The Carmel Shuk closes early after Khloe buys up all the candy.
4. The sisters head to Shabazi Street in...
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January 09, 2015

First stop on our tour: some really old ruins in Lod! Circa 1000 years ago I think?


By Rebecca Taranto, Israel Way: Eilat Hotel Experience Intern 


Did I mean to say “re-load” instead of "Re-Lod?" No, I did not! Lod (pronounced “load”) is a city in Israel and Re-Lod is the name of a project whose mission is to revitalize the city through the power of the people.

Yesterday with the conference I am currently attending I and about 30 others visited Lod as part of a guided service-learning tour. Our tour guide was Yuval Bdolach, CEO of the Re-Lod Project. The Re-Lod project facilitates student villages in Lod where university students can have a more unique student community experience, dedicating part of their time to servicing their community.


Bdolach told...

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