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Posted February 12th, 2016
In honor of Presidents' Day, we're challenging you to see how much you know about U.S. and Israeli Presidents:  
Posted February 12th, 2016
Valentine's Day may not be a Jewish holiday, but we can't stop ourselves from kvelling over all of these beautiful alumni couples who met in Israel:   1. Kelly and Jon, 2008     Kelly and Jon met through friends during their gap year in 2008-2009. Now, eight years later, they're expecting their first child next month!   2. Allie and Max, 2009     Allie and Max met on a Masa Israel volunteer...
Posted February 12th, 2016
By Jon Harris, Yeshivat Lev HaTorah alumnus   My wife and I were both on our gap year in Israel when we met. I was studying at Lev Hatorah in Ramat Beit Shemesh, and she was studying at Machon Ma'ayan in Beit Shemesh (I believe they moved since).   One of my yeshiva classmates, Josh Buchman, was having a birthday party where he wanted to spend all night in Jerusalem and go to the Kotel at sunrise along with friends from yeshiva and...
Posted February 2nd, 2016
On weekdays, the alleyways of Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda market are a bustle of shoppers and sellers, a place bursting with sights, sounds and smells. Weekday evenings are similarly busy, with recently opened restaurants and bars attracting young people out for a night on the town. But on Saturdays, the Jewish day of rest, the market has traditionally been empty and silent, with the shutters of the stalls rolled down and locked....