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April 24, 2015

From desalination to solar energy, irrigation, and literally making the desert bloom, Israelis know a thing or two about green tech and sustainability.

Masa Israel Journey’s environmental programs provide academic, volunteer, and professional opportunities for young adults to gain hands-on experience in sustainable building, organic farming, permaculture, and more.

In honor of this year's Earth Day, grab your hiking boots and get ready for one of Masa Israel’s incredible environmental experiences:

Arava Institute for Environmental Studies


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April 08, 2015

By Chef Chanah Auerbach, Masa Israel Volunteer Alumna


This Passover, stop wasting your energy making matzah-based, kosher-for-Passover versions of your favorite carb dishes. Instead, focus on plant-based, colortul fruit and vegetable dishes that are sure to fill you up and make all of your guests happy!


1. Begin your day with a delicious smoothie!

alt="passover vegan recipes"


• 1 cup almond milk (store-bought or homemade*)
• 1 banana
• 1 cup strawberries
• ½ cup blueberries
• ½ cup spinach
• 3 dates
• Ice, or try using frozen fruits and veggies instead!


Blend all ingredients and enjoy!...

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