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March 06, 2015

By Desiree Eslamboly, Masa Israel Teaching Fellow in Petach Tikvah


Say what you want about Israelis- they’re brash, they’re pushy, and they’re bluntly honest – sure. But there is a reason why, when visiting, it only takes a few short days to fall in love with their country. And I’m not convinced that it’s solely the land that captivates people. After living here for only 4 short months, I have landed on 5 different elements of Israeli culture and mentality that I will be bringing back with me when I return to the United States.


1. Israeli Hospitality

Time and time again I am floored by the hospitality and generosity of Israelis. If I got even just an agorot (the Israeli equivalent of a dime) for every time I received an invite from an Israeli to join them for a meal, an outing with their family, or a tour of their...

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March 02, 2015

Purim is only days away, and Masa Israel Journey wants to help you get into the holiday spirit. You've heard plenty from our participants and alumni about their holiday celebrations and Israel experiences. Now, it's time to hear from our North American staff and get to know some of the people who help thousands of Jewish young adults live Israel like a local!


Samantha Robins, Recruitment Manager and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

alt="masa israel purim taxi costume"

"On Purim, my best friend Anna and I wanted a relevant costume. We dressed up as moneeyot (Israeli Taxis). It was literally the best costume ever and we got a lot of chuckles from everyone who...

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February 25, 2015

Despite reports of rising costs of living for Tel Aviv locals, Masa Israel grants make the white city one of the most affordable options available to students and young professionals seeking an internship abroad. 

Inpsired by The New York Times' recent article "Internships Abroad: Unpaid, With a $10,000 Price Tag", we decided to compare program costs for the leading destinations for interns abroad. The results are in and, as it turns out, the high-tech heart of the startup nation is quite the bargain.


At an average cost of $665.83 per...

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