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November 19, 2010
By Amy Gross, WUJS Israel coordinator
I recently had the opportunity to join our Jerusalem participants on their weekly siyur (field trip). We spent the day in Zichron Yaacov; one of my favorite cities in Israel. First stop of the day was Ramat Hanadiv. Ramat Hanadiv is a beautiful botanical garden situated just outside the city of Zichron.  
We walked around the gardens taking in the smells, colors, and enjoying the cool mountain breeze. After months of heat the fall season has finally arrived and welcomed with open arms.
From the gardens we drove to the center of Zichron for a tour of the Aliyah Museum. Next stop was a quick stroll around the midrachov (walking promenade) and lunch in one of the cute cafes that line the street.
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November 18, 2010
By Flora Cantacuzino Levy and Zara Tobias, Netzer Olami
On Thursday the 28th of October, gap year participants from one American and six British Zionist youth movements gathered in Kiryat Moriah in Jerusalem for the first Keshet Seminar, which was a collaboration beween Masa Israel, Machon, British Youth Movements, and the UJIA and UJF. Coming from all over Israel, 150 participants met for the weekend in order to discuss and explore issues and opinions in a pluralist environment. With representatives from a large range of Jewish backgrounds and perspectives, including Modern Orthodox, Masorti, Progressive and Cultural Judaism, the weekend was full of heated discussion and fascinating debate.
During the weekend we were able to interact in smaller groups catered around our interests, with group titles varying from...
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