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May 03, 2011
By Carla  Farson, Pardes Year Student 2010–2011
In the spring of 2010 I received a Masa grant to study in the Year Program at Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. By the grace of Masa, I was given the opportunity to begin my formal Jewish education and experience a year of life in Eretz Yisrael. My year with Pardes has showered me with innumerable blessings that have changed my life. The challenges and joys I have met as a Pardes student have yielded a momentous expansion of my consciousness.
In the freedom of this time and place, I have embarked on a journey of discovery in the study of Chumash, prominent commentators and their works, Halacha, personal theology, formal and informal prayer, comprehensive texts...
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May 03, 2011
We have been working for about five weeks now in our respective hotels and so I thought I would dedicate this post to how I view Israelis so far solely based on my experiences at work.
I work in the dining room and basically I am at the bottom of the hierarchy. I work split shifts (8am-1pm and then 6pm-10pm, which I hate I might add). We have coaches, who are like managers, and then above them there is the head manager, you can tell what position each one of us has because we all wear different uniforms. We clear plates and deliver coffee and milk in the morning and take drink orders at night.
The work itself doesn’t really bother me; the people are nice (HUGE change from when I was working at a restaurant in Delray Beach) and...
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