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May 23, 2011


By Avigail Hurvitz-Prinz, Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies
About a month ago my Talmud class did an exercise where we shared our reasons for studying Gemora. Everyone had their own reasons, and my list came up to a total of 21 reasons as wide ranging as “intellectual challenge” and “to have a sense of the Rabbinic world” or “to find myself a teacher” – but the top of that list was empowerment.
As an adult who first seriously encountered this quintessential Jewish book one-on-one only a few months ago, building skills in Jewish text study was one of my major goals when I came to learn at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies this fall. I wanted to know how to access sources, make sense of them in relation to each other and answer how it is that the Jewish world we live in came to be the way that it is....
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May 20, 2011
Recently a group representing several international Fortune 500 companies, including Ernst and Young, Deloitte, Cisco Systems, Urban Outfitters, Citi Group, Prudential and more, came to Israel and held a career seminar for Masa Israel participants. The following day they met with several Tikkun Olam participants to tour some of our Coexistence track volunteer placements.
We first visited The Court of Women, a non-profit organization which creates a warm, supportive, alternative environment for girls and women in distress, both Jewish and Arab, in southern Jaffa.
While there, the representatives had a discussion with a panel of our Tikkun Olam...
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