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May 03, 2011
By Rebecca Crystal, Dance Journey
This past week or so has been filled with exciting experiences in and out of dance.  Last weekend I went to Tel Aviv with ten or more fellow dancers; we saw the Batsheva Ensemble (the second company) perform Deca Dance. This is my third time seeing Deca Dance, and every time I see it, it is a new experience (This piece is a collection of sections from other works of Ohad Naharin, and regularly changes). “Echad Mi Yodea,” the most-famous section from Minus 16, might actually hold a permanent spot in Deca Dance, because I have never seen the show without it. To be honest, it wouldn’t be complete without it. 
In this 8-minute event, the dancers sit on chairs in a semi-circle and perform an intricate and extremely athletic accumulation to the a...
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May 02, 2011
Not so long ago, I was walking along Pierre Koenig Street near my house, and got to a red light at the intersection across from Pardes.  It was pretty deserted at that time of night, with only a few cars and pedestrians out.  While I was waiting, a van pulled up next to me, completely covered in spray paint, blasting some Jewish dance song (I think this one, or another like it).  They stopped at the red light, and five or six Breslovers (members of a Jewish hasidic sect), jumped out and started dancing in the intersection and on the roof of the van.  They danced around for about thirty seconds until the...
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April 27, 2011
By Devin Lee, Eco-Israel
I have a lot of questions. These are not new questions; in fact, I’m sure they have been asked in every possible permutation, in every possible language. They are almost as common as ‘מה נשמע’? I’m talking about the questions like ‘What does it mean to be Jewish?’ ‘Where does Israel fit in the life of a Diaspora Jew?’
These questions don’t have simple answers. If they did, they could be taught, like physics; tested, like chemistry. Instead, every single person undergoes their own inculcation of meaning through the repeated call-and-response we experience as part of our daily lives. “Why are you in Israel” is no longer a simple question. For me, “to learn about permaculture design” is only a half-truth; I certainly am here for that, but the...
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