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May 27, 2011
In April 2011, Deborah Bertan, Citigroup’s Director of Campus Strategy and Diversity Recruitment, joined 12 other representatives from Fortune 500 companies to participate in Masa Israel Journey’s Employer Thought Leader Summit.  
In one week, the companies traveled throughout Israel, meeting recent college graduates interning and volunteering, and Israeli companies hosting Masa Israel interns.  Bertan was so excited about what she discovered in Israel that she graciously agreed to share her experiences:
Q: What were your impressions of Israel?
DB: Because I had previously visited the historic sites, this time I was much more focused on getting a feel for the...
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May 27, 2011


When Daniel Rothman traveled to Israel with Birthright, he did not expect that four years later he would be returning for five months in pursuit of networking opportunities.  Back then, he had recently finished his degree at Brown University in Cognitive Neuroscience where he created a “smart” alarm clock that woke users during the right stage of sleep so they would wake up feeling better.
He came to Israel thinking he would just have a fun 10 day adventure but at the cemetery of the Kinneret Daniel heard a David Ben-Gurion quote, which stayed with him long after he returned to the US: “I came to this country to transform the land and by doing so, I will transform my soul.”
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May 25, 2011
By Yonni at Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Staying at Hebrew University means your home away from home could be on one of three campuses in Jerusalem:
  1. Mt. Scopus (Har Ha’tzofim)
  2. Givat Ram, and
  3. Hadassah Ein Karem.
So what’s the difference?
Mt. Scopus is located on the border between East and West Jerusalem and is known as the humanities campus. Givat Ram, which houses the engineering and sciences is located near the Knesset and is about a 30-40 minute walk to downtown. Hadassah is the medical campus and located above the village of Ein Karem which is about a 20 minute drive out of the city.
Which dorms are the best for you?...
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