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June 06, 2011
By Zach Margulies, Pardes
After my first month at Pardes, I started getting into the routine of classes, and developed a pretty good sense of how the rest of the year would look.
They way we learn here is very different from the way we learn in college; in college, classes meet two or three times a week for an hour at a time, and the bulk of the work is done at home, alone.  Study here is much more communal.  After shacharit (the early morning service), and breakfast together, we all break off into classes for the rest of the day.  
The way most classes work is that the teacher gives a short lesson at the beginning of class, and then sends us off to the beit midrash (literally something like “house of searching/interpretation” –...
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June 04, 2011
Annie Shore, originally from Toronto, Canada, is on her second semester of the Yahel Social Change Program in Gedera. Below are some of her impressions from a Shabbat spent with the Gar’in from Gedera.
A couple of weeks ago, we went on a Shabbat trip to Kibbutz Machanayim in the North together with the Gar’in (intentional community) from Gedera. The garin has a Shabbat weekend trip once a year, where families and children, young adults and friends of the garin, come together to spend a weekend away. All together, there were about 40 people who came on this Shabbaton.
We left for the trip on Friday morning, traveling together on a bus. On the way to the Kibbutz, we stopped at Nachal Shofet for a short hike. At this time of the year, the North is beautiful, vibrant green and the perfect temperature. It was...
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