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September 06, 2011
By Kobi Bordoley, Masa Israel/JewliciousU blogger
I will be spending the 2011-2012 academic year in Israel, traveling the country, volunteering and learning to live communally with others in a program sponsored by the progressive Zionist youth movement, Habonim Dror. I’ve always known that this particular itinerary was one in which I was interested, but the decision to take a gap year was not an easy one. How could I interrupt society’s sacred track, with its prescription of stopping neatly at the stations of “high school,” “college,” and “career?” I have no qualms about jumping off the train, rather my fear manifests itself in my personal life: my friends, my family, myself.
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August 30, 2011
By Eliana Glogauer, Nishmat Shana Ba'aretz
“What happens in a taxi should stay in said taxi”: This is a motto that a friend of mine swears by. Before leaving North America, I was warned by many friends that, at any point during one’s year in Israel, one should expect to be completely overcharged for at least one insignificant, but absolutely necessary taxi ride. Today, on my very first day as a seminary student, I experienced firsthand what it feels like to be totally dependant on an obnoxious, self absorbed, greedy and irate taxi driver.
A couple of my friends and I found ourselves stranded in the dark, at the Malcha Mall, which is totally not within walking distance for a group of severely jet-lagged teenage girls....
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