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June 17, 2011
When Orange Coast College student Chad Schaeffer was considering his study abroad options, he learned that he could intern at an international marketing firm in Tel Aviv, gain professional experience for his merchandising and marketing major, and earn college credit. He jumped at the opportunity and enrolled in Masa Israel’s Oranim Internship Experience.
Having previously traveled to Israel with Birthright, Chad says that he is, “getting an experience that no one else can give me right now.” At SKS Innovating People, Chad oversees the US/UK market, finding leads and making sales.
“I adapted quickly to the Israeli work culture because it is similar to California’s; people are laid back, but hard working,” says Chad.  “Then again, Israelis are a little more blunt...
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June 17, 2011
By Dori Tenenbaum, Career Israel
Since kindergarten I have always known what was next: elementary school, high school, then university. At the end of my undergraduate degree I was faced, for the first time in my life, with a real choice of what to do.
Did I want to go to graduate school? Did I want to try my luck in the job market? Would I end up volunteering somewhere to gain experience before deciding what was next?
These very real questions hit me the day after convocation. All I kept hearing from everyone around me was, “What are you doing now that you’re done?” I was not sure at all. I have known for a long time my ultimate career goals, but I was never sure of the path I would take to get there. I’m sure many recent graduates, and soon-to-be-graduates, can relate to my situation...
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June 16, 2011
“The first time I tried to grow them for the greenhouse, the seedlings all died – I forgot to water them,” says Annie Shore, without sounding a bit guilty. Her second time around, she was more successful. “I never gardened much,” she continues, “but when I understood that the gardening here was about much more than just plants, I got interested.”
Annie, a participant in the Yahel Social Change Program, spends part of every week working with Ethiopian Israelis in the community gardens of Gedera. There are currently five gardens under different apartment buildings in the Shapira neighborhood. Friends by Nature – a non profit working in the field of community empowerment and education, and the Gedera Gar’in – a group of community activists, initiated the garden project together with the neighborhood...
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