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July 03, 2011
This year the Rothberg International School has begun promoting programs to students that offer a focus in various arts programs. The goal of these programs is to attract a range of  students who are following an arts-based track of study at their home university to the Hebrew University so that they too can have the amazing opportunity of learning and living abroad in Israel.
Dance Jerusalem is a unique program initiated jointly by Rothberg and the Jeruslaem Academy of Music and Dance (JAMD). This program combines artistic training in dance skills and technique with academic exposure to Israel’s challenging social, historical and cultural environment. Dance Jerusalem offers university-level artistic and technical training in the disciplines of Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance Choreography, Repertoire and Improvisation.
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June 30, 2011
Sensei Dror Shalom, founder of Masa Israel’s Krav Maga Israel, was given a name that means both peace and freedom for a reason.  Born during the Six Day War in 1967, his parents prayed that Israel would be able to defend itself.
Not only did their hopes come true within days, but their son, Dror went on to become a martial arts expert, finishing first in karate in Israel’s national competition, and becoming the chief instructor of Krav Maga in the Israeli army.
“Krav Maga is about protecting oneself in any situation,” says Shalom.  “Unlike in traditional martial arts, in which you need to spend at least five years just to build up a small base of knowledge, Krav Maga is for anyone who wants to learn how to defend themselves in real time.”
Shalom, who spent years teaching martial arts in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore,...
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