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August 30, 2016

Carol Kaplan, Permaculture Design Course Certificate at Kibbutz Lotan and the Shvil Israel with Walk About Love, Alumna ‘12


After spending a semester in Israel a few years ago, I have made the choice to attain my MA in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence under the Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.


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August 25, 2016
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August 24, 2016

Part of the reason I did my Security and Diplomacy Master’s program at Tel Aviv University was location and curriculum. Of course, the beach and the parties was a huge motivator, but career wise it offered what I needed for my resume.


When I say location, I meant the Middle East. I wanted to be in the area, live the culture and travel to surrounding countries.  Curriculum wise, I researched all the professors and syllabus to see if the courses were more than legit and they were. My professors were current and former Army Generals, Ambassadors, and Israeli Intelligence Officers. 


The point is, I signed up, I was living in Tel Aviv, and I had A LOT of books to read, papers to write, and people to meet. Looking back, I was blessed with all the study options available. 


Here are some of the best places to study in Israel:


The beach...

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