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January 12, 2016


You’ve probably heard the statistics before: approximately 70% of college students study abroad. But you probably also have a lot of questions. Where should I study? Is it worth the money? Are the schools abroad as good as the one I’m already at? The answer: Yes, you should study abroad, and you can do it on a Masa Israel program where you’ll have the option of a wide variety of programs at top universities and access to grants and funding.


But why Israel?  Here are 10 reasons: 


Amazing Academics. Whether you’re studying the arts, the sciences, or are interested in research, Israel has dozens of competitive programs. Israel is home to 9 accredited universities. Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Technion-Israel Institution of Technology were...

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December 29, 2015

Wow! We can hardly believe 2015 is already coming to a close and we’re sure you’re all reminiscing on the year that has passed. Both in terms of achievements and experiences, here at Masa Israel we have had a pretty incredible 2015. Let’s look back on this year and recap our 10 best Masa Israel Moments!


1.Our 2015 AIPAC Policy Conference Delegation

alt = "AIPAC 2015 Delegation"

A group of 30 Masa Israel alumni represented us at this year’s annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC. The group heard from leaders across the political spectrum and connected with Masa alumni from various programs.


2.    Culture Shuk


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December 16, 2015

A native of the Chicago area, Grant Kudert served as a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow in Netanya during the 2012-2013 school year. Prior to his Masa Israel experience, Grant served in AmeriCorps and worked in a variety of educational environments including a school for children with special needs in Evanston, Illinois; two major science museums in Chicago and Seattle; and a first-year charter school in Boston.


Grant currently lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago where he works as a high school educator and coach. His 10-month journey in Israel helped shape both his professional and personal lives as...

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