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Posted August 22, 2016
Doing a Masa Israel program is more than just going back after birthright, it’s actually experiencing the REAL Israel. It’s an actual journey! You will make friends from literally all over the world, see and feel things that are not found anywhere else, and you will want to keep coming back for more.    So enough of us trying to convince you to live your life or even get experience for your career, this time we will let our...
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Posted August 05, 2016
  Each year we find ourselves turning the pages of the calendar more quickly, and what packed pages they are. Here at Masa Israel we have had yet another amazing year of programming and events, both in Israel and across the globe. Now in our 13th year, we’ve surpassed 120,000 alumni, and have begun a number of great new initiatives.   Take a brief look at the Top 16 Masa Moments of 2016:   1. Make Your Journey...
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