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Posted June 26, 2016
  By Donny Fuchs, Yeshivat Nativ Aryeh '15 Alumnus     If you’re considering venturing to the Far East, like Beijing to study abroad, you should consider stopping halfway, in the Middle East and landing in Israel. You can be in the middle of all of the world’s cultures, where East meets West, in the city of Jerusalem.     The Weather   What’s that in the air – is it a bird? Is it a plane...
Posted June 15, 2016
  By Andria Kaplan Aylyarov    Studying abroad is a magical time. It’s a wonderful opportunity to expose yourself to new cultures, languages and most of all meet new people. Whether you’re venturing on this semester abroad with a gang from your home university or flying solo put meeting these 11 people at the top of your to-do list. It’ll make your Israel experience well worth it.     1. The Kibbutznik...
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