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Published : April 08, 2014
While living in Israel, Masa participants engage in all facets of Israeli society. This is one intern's take on the nature of the Israeli policy.
By Celina Nieman, Israel Government Fellows
It is Friday at three in the afternoon in Har Hatzofim, Jerusalem. I’ve missed the last bus into the city. For the sake of religion and tradition, a public service has been shut down. The entire country is now deprived of affordable and reliable regularly scheduled transportation for twenty-five hours.
As part of a ten month fellowship program sponsored by Masa Israel in conjunction with the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, I live in the university residences located on the French Hill, while interning in a governmental ministry. The other Fellows and I work and...
Published : April 03, 2014
Earlier this month, Russ Finkelstein wrote about keeping alumni engaged and involved by offering career services. Before we can tap into alumni communities for fundraising and volunteer requests, he argues, we have to provide them something of value, something that they want.
At Masa Israel we wholeheartedly agree, and have been experimenting in the professional development space for the past year. This year, we piloted individualized professional guidance for a select group of current participants through our Masa Works program, in partnership with the Jewish Family Services of Columbus. We also developed a long-term fellowship program to build pipelines for Israel program alumni to enter careers at Hillel. 
At the same time, we know our thousands of alumni are dispersed around the world, and can rarely take...

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