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Published : October 31, 2013
by Johannah Truppin, volunteering on Kibbutz Kishoret through ITrack
With the arrival of my now 10-day-old niece, I have been thinking a lot about names and their meanings recently.
According to trusty Google Translate - a life saver for me here in Israel - the direct translation of “Kishorit” from Hebrew to English is “Spindle”.  And a quick Google search (believe it or not, this blog is not sponsored by Google; other search engines are available…) tells me that the Oxford dictionary defines a spindle as “a rod or pin serving as an axis… on which something revolves.”
At first, “Spindle” seemed merely to be a random choice of name for this kibbutz...  You know, something chosen because it sounded nice, or after the name of the...
Published : October 02, 2013
I officially started teaching today. As my teaching partner, Brian was out of the country in order to attend a wedding in the States, I was by myself. I was worried that my students would have forgotten about me—seeing as I only visited them twice last month—but I had no reason to be worried as my students remembered me. I had such an amazing day.
During my first class, I worked with a girl by helping her to read and write about The Great Fire of London. Reading with a non-English speaker forces me to slow down my own English (I talk quickly) and really examine the letters in each word. The girl and I also worked on writing sentences with the main vocabulary words in the story. The story was a history lesson for me as well because I was never...

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