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Published : March 28, 2013


By Danielle Blustein, Masa Israel Media Fellows


Everyone thinks they know the "typical Israeli." They wake up to a huge Israeli style breakfast, omlettelady complete, leave their beautiful house made of Jerusalem stone and head off to work where they will either cure cancer, make a computer so smart that the world starts worrying about The Terminator having an Israeli accent and a nice tan, or simply yell at people on the phone all day because hey, "they're Israeli!"    


Published : March 19, 2013
By Tamara Raynor Cote, Israel Teaching Fellows
What does it take to make a leader? To take someone uninformed, unengaged and unmotivated and turn them into a spark of hope for an entire community?
Hard work and dedication play their part -- it's certainly not an easy task and leadership, as most believe, stems partially from your belief in yourself and partially from the belief others have in your potential. So how do you get others to believe not only in you but in their own internal strengths?
To begin with I think having a great network of supportive and like-minded individuals surrounding you invigorates you beyond comparison. The Masa Leadership Summit aimed to do just this. To...

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