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Posted February 28, 2013
By Yael Tzalka, Israel Teaching Fellows    Take note: Israeli's tell it like it is.   They don't believe in standing in line, apologizing, or sweet talking. When they like you, they say it. And when they don't, you know it just the same.   There is no such thing as please and thank you. Nor is there such thing as like; only love and hate. Men have the ability to cry in your arms, and kill you from one moment...
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Posted February 26, 2013
By Jillian Hoenig, Shaalvim for Women   Does our unity make us a community, or does our being a community unite us?   What does it mean to be a community?   To be a state?   To be a nation?   What connection do we have with one another?     My friend Ariel and I were in Sanhedria looking to hail a cab.   I saw one coming down the road and signaled to it.  ...
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Posted February 25, 2013
By Rachel Manoucheri, Bnos Chava   I have been an Orthodox Jew my entire life.    I studied in the most prestigious religious institutions of Los Angeles, and spent last year at the Masa Israel-accredited Bnos Chava, an academically rigorous seminary in Jerusalem.     During my free time, I toured the streets of Jerusalem, and began to comprehend the identity of each Jewish sect. I believed I possessed...
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Posted February 21, 2013
By Jordana Skurka, Hebrew University    I sat apprehensively with my palm held up to a microscope, under the watchful gaze of the Kabbalist, a religious mystic and spiritual guide. Before privately meeting one-on-one with the holy man, I and the other visitors had been informed of his uniquely powerful insight.   As a man thoroughly well-versed in the secret layers and esoteric depths of meaning within the Torah, the Kabbalist was...
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