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Published : February 12, 2013

By Eric Feldman, Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies


Hey, I’ve certainly been keeping busy over the past few weeks but I’ll hone in on this most recent week since a lot has been going on recently.


This week was the Fall Tiyul (trip/hike) that my yeshiva took down south to the Negev, and it was great. We stayed over for two nights in a beautiful Bedoin tent place with awesome food and amazing star gazing opportunities right outside. 


During the second night that we were there, I stepped outside of the place we were staying to lie down on the farm across the road and look up at the star-filled sky, and as I was doing so, I heard my peers playing guitar and singing “Hallelujah” in the distance.


For those of you that don’t know, that’s

(a) one of my favorite songs and (b)...

Published : February 07, 2013
The Rabbinical School of Hebrew Union College requires a year of study in Israel in order to foster an intimate relationship with the land that bears our peoples’ name.
It is an interesting social experiment, a country run by Jews, built on Jewish values, with a people who are constantly in conflict.
It makes sense then that the name Israel loosely translates to those who wrassle (read: wrestle) with God.
My eight months in the Holy Land bestowed upon me many holy memories and a few unholy that taught me many things about identity, both national and individual, as well as the true meaning of personal connection.
We were based in Jerusalem...

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