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Published : February 14, 2013
By Yiriel Liss, Yeshivat Lev HaTorah
Rabbi Mordechai Machlis is one of the greatest examples of a ba’al chessed, someone who does good deeds. 
He exemplifies this in the way that he lives his life, not for his own needs, but for the needs of everyone around him. He and his family open up their modest home every Shabbat, and host hundreds of people for meals. These people are a wide variety of all different types of people- not only Jews. 
Just watching him feed that many people in and of itself is awe-inspiring, but to watch him interact with them then, and really every day of his life, is just mind-boggling. 
He greets everyone with a huge smile and a hug, and he is genuinely ecstatic every waking, and probably sleeping, second of his life.
Published : February 13, 2013
By Michael Dempster, Masa Israel Service Fellows
Since the fall, Michael has been teaching a photography and videography class to Druze youth. In late January, the Julis Youth Center hosted an exhibition of his students' photographs. Below, Michael writes about his experience volunteering in Julis, and shares a few photographs from the exhibition.
A Druze village is a pastiche of seemingly antagonistic elements. Every Thursday droves of cloaked religious women trek uphill to the khalwa, their place of worship, deftly sidestepping the mopeds driven by their secular children and grandchildren. Teenage girls are...

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